Sunday, April 29, 2012

Napa Valley Tour de Cure

My youngest brother, Stephen, became Diabetic during his freshman year in college.

(Stephen & his wife Wendy)
It has been a long debilitating disease that he has lived with for more than 25 years.  He has dealt with the ravages of Diabetes with such amazing grace and courage. 

He was one of the first to join this cause in 1993 and has sponsored the longest running team, Team HIS, in the ADA's biggest Tour de Cure event which takes place next Sunday, May 6th, in the Napa Valley.

This will be his 20th year riding with his team!

(Stephen and his daughter Sarah)

It is also a landmark year for my brother as he will be put on the active list June 12th for a kidney and pancreas transplant! 

Please keep him in your prayers as this could happen in the next few months!

I am so proud of my little brother and am honored to be riding alongside him on his final ride as a Diabetic!

Of course his biggest champion, our Mom, is always there supporting her boy!!!


Donations raised will go towards educational outreach, advocacy efforts and critical research that will ultimately stop Diabetes once and for all.

I would greatly appreciate your support!
Thank you for making a contribution to this cause that is so important to me!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

God's Art

I continually marvel at the similarities of God's creations in nature...

This morning on our walk along the bay I noticed this bleached out, uprooted tree that had washed up onto the rocks.

Upon closer inspection I noticed how similar it looked to a piece of coral.

My husband made his way down to have a closer look...


He supported it with the surrounding rocks and stood it upright.

We weren't expecting to do an art installation but God needed our help...

Isn't it beautiful?

A wooden coral branch

 Hope you are enjoying the weekend as much as we are!



Friday, April 27, 2012

What's on the agenda this weekend...

Breakfast in Sonoma

at El Molino Central

 I crave the food here!

There is nothing like it... everything is Amazing

Just look at these specials!

Last time here we had Maria's Queso Freso Chile Relleno.  

and oh was it GOOD!

 They have my favorite Blue Bottle Coffee!
It's heaven!

They think of everything, like stocking my favorite swiss chard enchiladas to go!

I love coming to Sonoma for many reasons but eating here is on the top of the list.

If you can't make it to Sonoma, don't despair...
you can find El Molino Central every Saturday at The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in S.F. where you can get their famous Chiliquiles for breakfast.


what's on your agenda this weekend?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Lure of Estate Sales

 One of my favorite things about going to estate sales is discovering neighborhoods I never knew existed.

Part of the fun is not knowing what to expect until you get there.

 Every so often you'll stumble upon a unique property like the one I went to last Friday that not only had spectacular views but an amazing garden as well!

There is my poor Mom who almost had a heart attack navigating the extremely narrow and treacherous roads leading up to the sale... I coaxed her into smiling for the camera as she was a bit of a nervous wreck!

While she waited in line I shopped the garage.

The house was on the small side so we had to wait in line a bit longer than usual so I took a tour of the garden...

Obviously these folks loved to garden!

Sometimes getting to see these homes, even in this chaotic state, is the treasure I leave with.

I must admit though I usually leave wondering what prompted the sale of the home and its contents...

 I develop an emotional connection to the people who lived a life there.

 I do love estate sales... it's always an adventure, and one I love to share with my mom!

Thankfully, she was rewarded for the hair raising trip and found a wonderful Asian-inspired cabinet to house her television.