Thursday, March 1, 2012

Summer Stripes!

I made a quick trip to IKEA a few days ago to pick up some tealights and see if there was anything new and exciting.

I swear if had 4 boys or more I would definitely want this set up!  I would paint the beds navy blue, add ticking curtain panels and go to town on the bedding! Unbelievable space saver and so much fun!

I always leave with something whether it's a great idea, an IKEAism, or in this case, some wonderful new rugs!

I found some great striped cotton runners for my long hallway and a zippy striped rug for my kitchen that have already put me in the mood for Summer!

I don't know about you, maybe it's the fact that I live in sunny California, but shortly after the holidays are over I find myself with Spring Fever that soon leads to visions of Summer!

I love the colors of these stripes, it really picks up the colors in my beach painting now hanging in the adjoining family room.

I have a really long hallway that jags 2/3rds of the way down so I'm thinking of sewing 2 of these runners together for the longest stretch.

They are not ideal on top of carpet but they give a such a relaxed beachy feel to the space and will help keep the carpet from getting dirty. One day we will replace it with the same tumbled marble that is in the entry and powder room.

I'm getting ready to hang some family photos and  art down this hallway... 

(I need to re-hang the top picture, it fell down the other night! It's those Command strips!)

It's beginning to look a lot like summer!


Acquired Objects said...

You scored on those runners Terri but pop on over to my blog for today...16 inches of snow and still coming down. HELP SEND SUN!


Kathysue said...

You already know how I feel about stripes, ♥♥♥ I also love to browse the aisles at Ikea, always find something there I have to bring home. Fun store. Love your stripes!! xo Kathysue

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

Of course I'd sew them for you Terri (showing off with my new industrial sewing machine!), but they might sit better separately - the longer the rug, the more potential for rucking...

Karena said...

Love these summer stripes Terri they give a whole new fresh outlook!

Art by Karena

Everything Coastal said...

Oh gosh, I wonder if we were at Ikea at the same time this past week? I tore my office to piece and now I have boxes stacked all over the place, so I went looking for a new file cabinet.

Ikea is a very scary place on a Sunday afternoon! I confess, I did a little hyperventilating and hightailed it for the front door.

Went home with no file cabinet, but decided maybe that shopping online would be better. Especially with a glass of wine. LOL!