Monday, March 5, 2012


We have a very long hallway in our home.

At one end is our master bedroom and at the other end is the den/office.  In between is another bedroom, the laundry closet, the powder room and the linen closet.

Thank goodness the other side of the hallway is all windows!

We installed bamboo blinds and ivory colored raw silk curtain panels on the windows to frame the view which looks out onto our walkway.

I'm very grateful for those windows because even though our hallway is somewhat narrow it appears much more open and spacious.

 I've kept the walls fairly uncluttered but since relocating the large beach painting which formerly occupied the largest expanse of wall space in the hallway, and can be seen from our garage/man cave, I needed to come up with something new.

Originally I had a family photo gallery similar to this one and felt it was time to bring it back.

I've always thought hallways were the perfect place to showcase intimate family photos.

My mom suggested that I hang a piece of sculptural art which got me thinking about the shell type tray I created a few years ago always hoping one day to find the perfect spot to showcase it.

Our long hallway jags a bit which gives the section near the den a bit more privacy and therefore perfect for a family montage.

I'm still working on the composition and have 3 more to fit in but so far I'm really liking the way it looks not only from the inside, but also from the outside looking in!

The following photos show some close-up shots of the shells and tiny treasures I collected. 

I'm really happy with the new look.
What do you think?

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Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

Your shell tray delights my heart Terri - I LOVE collected treasures! And thank you for your empathy with ma boy's face plant, he is fine now, but nothing shakes my world like a threat to my precious child...

helen tilston said...

Hello Terri

I love your creativity. The tray is beautiful and holds some many beautiful memories. Family photos are always a delight.

Your hallways is beautiful


The French Tangerine said...

Absolutely love your hall! Just beautiful! The shell tray is a work of art and is perfectly displayed here.. for all to see and enjoy!
Great post,

Lesli @ Beautifully Coastal Design Blog said...

I love your hallway and the shell collections are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Lesli @

Acquired Objects said...

Love your collection and the perfect place to see your treasures everyday. I wish we had a hallway for such things as yours is beautiful.

Enjoy your day!

Beach House Living said...

A hallway with windows? Sounds so nice. The shell tray does look right at home.

Fleaing France & French Shopping Tours said...

Love the collection and a perfect place to catch a glimpse of all of your treasures!

lisaroy said...

I love your shell tray and you are so lucky to have windows in your hallway. Our last place had such a long, dark hallway and really needed a skylight! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri, Once again I enjoy your decorating style and your personal touch! It always inspires me to make it pretty, but make it personal.Redema from Boulder

Kathysue said...

I am loving it!! It is so YOU!! xo Kathysue

The enchanted home said...

That is just magnificent! I love your beatiful collection of shells and the idea of adding the gallery of pictures too...stunning!

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Love the plank flooring near your bedroom! And also the shell tray! I've picked up so many shells like these in the past, only to leave them at the beach, wondering what I'd do with them and if I'd be arrested for stealing coral! Ha! Anyway, the shelf is a winner!

Unknown said...

It's magnificent!!! The textural component really adds interest to the wall.

What a creative and beautiful way to show off your interests!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Burlap Luxe said...

Love the shells Terri,
makes me now want to walk and collect from what the sea gifts us :)

Love all that you inspire over here.
see you soon my sweet friend :)