Monday, January 23, 2012

$1 Treasures

 Hanging 2-tier basket

I love a good challenge, so with a tighter budget in the new year but still loving to treasure hunt, I'm trying to only buy treasures that fit into my adjusted budget and fall between $1 and $5.

Don't tell my husband but sometimes I push it to $10!

Old Chinese Rice Bowl

My goal in 2012 is to SELL my treasures and use that money to fuel my dream which I've been doing too much thinking about and not enough executing!

 This turned out to be a $10 treasure as I bought a stack of them for $1 a piece.

So, in the spirit of spending less time and money on treasure hunting I thought I'd show you what you can find out in the trenches for $1.

I've sold most of them

Don't get me wrong, I'm not totally giving up on treasure hunting, it gives me too much joy and there still is a lot to gain from the hunt.

I'm practicing self discipline for one.

A great basket
I also get my creative juices working by seeing interesting things and thinking about how they can be repurposed or used in a fun and unique way.

Perfect for laundry

I'm also much more interested in doing some DIY's using the wonderful things I've collected over the years.

and sundry items
That is a good thing for a perfectionist Virgo who tends to shy away from hands on projects thinking they will never be good enough.

I am going to turn a challenge into opportunity and when the time is right, I look forward to sharing my journey to making my DREAM a reality!

I think you'll be very surprised.

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*All photos La Dolfina


Kathysue said...

Kudos to you Miss Terri, this sounds like a perfect plan for the new year!! xo Kathysue

Hamptontoes said...

Way to go! You follow your dream...they are waiting for you to fulfill! xoxo.

Unknown said...

You've got me awfully curious! And motivated! The first step to accomplishing anything is to identify it and you've done that. So, I'll bet that this time next year, we'll be reading about your realized dream!

Wishing you all the tarnished horseshoes you can find!! (for luck!)
xoxo Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Good luck girl!!! You can do it!


Acquired Objects said...

Love the Chinese bowls you bought the deep dark color gives them endless possibilities. Good for you for putting yourself on a budget always good when in business. I can't wait to see whatelse you show.


Olive said...

You have my budget and I do very well with it and today I am showing pink ballerina shoe horns I paid two dollars for. I am constantly amazed at what people sell their treasures for.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Amazing finds as always, love that basket! Here's to big dreams on a budget and all the best in 2012!!!

Theresa Cheek said...

I absolutely love the rice bowls...and would not have known what they were, so thanks for the education!
Life is always a challenge, good luck with the future.