Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Mystery

I did a post earlier this year on my youngest brother Stephen and his wife Wendy and their amazing wedding in Rome at the Vatican a few years ago...

Well, this mystery is about their cat Heidi.


  You see, several years ago, their previous cat, Kiki, was found dead and believed to have been poisoned.

(Kiki, Rest in Peace)
 About a year or so later they located a litter and picked out 2 sisters, a tiger cat they named Heidi

and her orange sister they named Ginger. 


They were teeny tiny when they brought them home and were lavished with lots of love and attention.

They were once again a happy family...

Until, earlier this year Heidi, the adventurous one who loves to roam the neighborhood starting losing her collars. 

Not only that but she would stay away for several days at a time.

The first time it happened they were extremely worried until she reappeared 3 days later.  From that time it became routine for her.

(Heidi is trouble when she's cooped up!)

One day she returned without her collar.  Since it was a safety release collar they figured that she got caught up in branch and lost it, so they replaced it and the i.d. tag. 

Well this too became a routine and for last 6 months or so they have replaced her collar and i.d. tag at least 7 times!

Last week while on the phone my brother looked out his window to see Heidi coming down the driveway in what looked to be a red t-shirt!

He couldn't believe his eyes and quickly hung up the phone to go outside and fetch her.

Sure enough she was sporting a tiny red t-shirt that had USA on the back. Upon further inspection, the tag inside read, Build a Bear.

I know you are probably laughing right now, as I did upon hearing this chain events via my mom, but as you can imagine, my brother and his wife are very upset!

Needless to say, Heidi has been under lock down ever since and my brother and his wife are trying to figure out how to solve this mystery.

They are currently considering the following options...

A collar camera
Kitty GPS

They would appreciate any help in solving this mystery!


Karena said...

I am laughing because a cat is after all a cat! My Miss Belle; a Himalayan is an indoor cat, however don't think that she WANTS to be!!.

I think it is darling that someone put a cute sweater on her, it's cold right? A collar camera would be fun although they might find out more than they want to know. Ha!


Art by Karena

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

No mystery Terri, their cat is being colonised, probably by someone who thought she was a stray and doesn't want to let go (you would think seven i.d. tags would be a clue!).
The interesting thing is, what do they do next? Put a message in her collar so they can discuss it? Or get into a turf war with someone who is at very best obtuse.

Maybe Heidi is an indoor cat now...

Unknown said...

How weird! I would certainly keep that cat close from now on. Somebody is trying to make that cat their own for sure. People are nutty.

Anonymous said...

Someone is trying to make the cat their own.They don't care that she belongs to someone else.Hence the removal of the tags.
Sounds weird.Keep an eye on kitty.

Acquired Objects said...

I have absolutely no suggestions but I can't wait to hear what comes next! Of course it's obvious Heidi seems to be enjoying two homes! Why don't they simply follow her? Or better yet pin a note to the back of the shirt with their phone number. This is rather exciting!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Ugh! I feel for them.We had our neighbors three houses down from us take our lil kitten and argue with me that it was a stray and now theirs.I made them give it back and then they soon moved.Cat lovers have issues at times I think.Best of luck~Cheers Kim

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Terri, I totally agree with your brother! There are too many crazy people. If we have animals we are responsible for their safety and well-being. He should definitely keep the kitty indoors. It may sound funny but it really isn't funny at all. Your brother is doing the right thing by keeping Heidi indoors.

Interior Designer said...

Interesting story. But it is just natural for cats to stay away for days especially when they are mating.

Nutbird said...

The cat should get one of those implanted id chips. Then let her go and follow her. She is visiting someone like a crazy person or a kid who thinks it is funny to take off her collar. You need a cat detective. OR, put up signs in the neighborhood like for a missing cat, put her picture on it and mention a cat napper. or is it knapper? The whole thing is a little scary, but the cat has good homing instincts. Or, put a tag on the cat that says she is wearing a GPS. That might scare the person. You can buy a dog camera now. It goes on the collar and takes a picture every 5 minutes. Ann

D&G ESSEX said...

ok, when i first started reading this i thought it was going to have a sad ending if you know what i mean...then i start laughing, and now i just dont know what to think.. i can understand your brothers upset. VERY STRANGE!!!! i think the gps would work better than the cam...keep us posted please.

Pamela Hunt Lee said...

Heidi is a beauty and obviously loved by more than one. She actually looks like a cross between my Mr. Jackson Pollock and Hot Rod Ocicats, who are cherished beyond belief. Heidi is going to dislike her lost freedom so I suggest a harness and leash and taking Heidi for a walk. She just may lead your bro and wife to the cat lovers. Mr. Jackson Pollock adores his daily walks on the leash and since Heidi didn't seem to mind the sweater she should practically jump into the harness. I have a small Pupia set up which is actually for a small dog but well designed and comfy for cats.

helen tilston said...

Hello Terri

What a story. I giggled but then got worried for her safety. Much as I would hate to take away her freedom I think I would likely put her on a long leash and let her be outside, with limits.

Helen xx

Ann said...

When Adlai Stevenson was the governor of New York, the state legislature tried to pass a law requiring cats to be on leashes whenever they ventured outside. In vetoing the law, Governor Stevenson wisely opined that it is in the nature of cats to do a certain amount of unescorted roaming. While that may be true, and Heidi's wanderlust is illustrative, nonetheless, I believe, in this day and age, that it is too dangerous for cats to roam freely, the biggest danger being cars, but cat misappropriation is certainly another. If I were Heidi's owner, I would keep her and her sister indoors, and spay her, if that hasn't been done already. Eventually, she will forget about the outdoors, and enjoy a long, safe and healthy kitty life.