Monday, December 5, 2011

Almost Done!

I'm still working on the finishing touches of my Christmas decor but I must say that even when you decorate less, it's not any less work!

I pared way back this year and in the process ended up making some permanent changes that I'm very happy with!

I'm not sure what is happening to me but I'm blaming blogland for my increasing desire for more edited spaces.

First thing we did was decorate the entry which I told my husband was a woodland look.

He looked at me and started laughing recalling an episode from South Park titled, "A Woodland Christmas."

I don't know why but I go crazy over birds during the holidays.

I want to put them everywhere!

But this year, I showed tremendous restraint and used just a few in our woodland entry.

The owl on the left is from my son's Harry Potter Halloween costume from many years ago. I can't resist bringing him out at Christmas each year.

 What do you think of my woodland entry or as South Park puts it My Woodland Christmas?

Come back tomorrow and I will give you a tour of my very edited Christmas decor.

Happy Monday!


Olive said...

Terri, I like the woodland look especially with your door and entrance. The owl is sublime there. Happy Christmas ♥ Olive

larajanepark said...


Unknown said...

Seriously, that is beautiful and inspired!! I love how you incorporated the birds into your holiday decor!

xoxo Elizabeth

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Looking great!


Unknown said...

Great minds think alike! Your entry is beautiful. Did you see my wreath at Lula Gardenia? Birds of a feather for sure. Excellent post :)

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

So sweet. I love the little birdies. Yes, we must meet in 2012!!!


debra @ 5th and state said...

STUNNING is what i think! sooo love every element of your entryway, including the birds, we all need a touch of whimsy in our lives

Acquired Objects said...

Terri I think your entrance looks fabulous! And the birds add just the right touch.

Mosaic Tiles said...

The birds look great we have some on our christmas tree :)

D&G ESSEX said...


Unknown said...

I am CRAZY about your entry.. all the boxwood, I'm dying :) x

The Vintique Object said...

Your entry is rockin'. With birds and without.

I hear you about that editing. I need such help in the editing department. It becomes a problem when you like and want to display EVERYTHING.

I've been away too long. Can't wait to catch up. And after the holidays are over, we need to get that chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty we've been talking about!