Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You don't have to fly to Paris...

to satisfy your craving for delicious macarons.

 You only need to drive to your local Trader Joe's where you'll find their version of Laduree's, Macaron au Chocolat!

The package contains six delicate almond meringue discs filled with rich, chocolate ganache.

Trust me on this!

And while I'm on the subject of Trader Joe's... I wanted to share a few other items that I'm loving right now.  They stock the best stuff during the holiday season!

This Cookie Butter spread is a game changer.

Like the jar says...

you have to taste it to understand!

 I also love the look and mouthwatering flavors in this package of nostalgic classic holiday candy mix.  It reminds me of dipping into Grandma's candy dish.

Trader Joe's even has Christmas cards this year.

I think the selection of 5 cards are quite charming!

Trader Joe's is always my first choice for seasonal plants and flowers.

 ( I stenciled this vintage black metal bucket with our address over the weekend)

So far I've purchased this trio of small living trees with a touch of glitter on them and placed them in a set of vintage bamboo cachepots.

The St. Joseph statue can be found in my etsy shop later today.

I also bought 2 bouquets of spray roses in this gorgeous shade of red and placed them in a pair of vintage black glass urns on the altar table behind the sofa in our living room. 

Next up was the family room where I arranged 3 cut amaryllis stalks with a bunch of Christmas greens and eucalyptus. 

Then I moved on to the small kidney shaped chinoiserie desk in the corner where I arranged a bouquet of white hydrangea in a wicker urn. 

The buyers at Trader Joe's are simply the best and their prices can't be beat!

 New items are arriving every day...

Did I mention how much I love Trader Joe's?



A Perfect Gray said...

awesome, terri. now you're all ready for a party! donna

Kathysue said...

I am so there with you Terri!! Have you tried the pumpkin Souffles? They are wonderful little bites and 4 for $.89 good to keep in the freezer for drop in guest!! Love all of your beautiful flowers. I will be making a trip there tomorrow!! xo Kathysue

Mary Ann Pickett said...

You must be having a party with all your fresh flowers! I want to try that cookie butter. This post is killing the people who don't have Trader Joes (like in Florida). When our friends from Florida came to visit they wanted to go there. We had them buy the dijon mustard. The macaroons look delish too.

miss b said...

I am totally addicted to macaroons (and chocolate) so these look just the perfect treat for me!

Acquired Objects said...

I love Trader Joe's and we actually have one an hour from's the country nothing is close. I'm dragging the husband there this weekend. Looks like you've gotten into the Christmas spirit too!

The enchanted home said...

Wish we had a Trader Joes closer, I always hear of the most interesting things people find there!! Your decorations are gorgeous with a captial G!

Olive said...

I bought a cute small live ivy topiary there this weekend. I will check out that butter and the cookies. I like their wild rice and the price is great oh and the white tea with pomegranate.

helen tilston said...

Hi Terri

I love how you have decorated. Wonderful attention to detail.
I have not been to a Trader Joe's. Will have to seek one out in my travels
Helen xx

ceecee said...

I wonder if we have a Trader Joe's here...Have to look into that. You've made me very curious!

designchic said...

Aren't they amazing. So excited to learn about the macaroons...they look delish and your plate is beautiful. Thanks for asking about the baby...he's wonderful...nothing like being a Grandmother!!

cjsullivan133 said...

love that corner. It's so cozy.

Nutbird said...

Thanks for the tip on the macaroons. I usually don't go to Trader Joe's, that's my husband's domain. I saw that they sell gingerbread cookie MiX! Now that sounds good. I did a lot of my Thanksgiving shopping there. They had pomegranete seeds (arils) and Costco didn't have them. I wish they were in every state. We can't live without their chocolate covered orange jellies and the nonpariels.