Monday, November 28, 2011

Simple No Fuss Decorating

 Now that Thanksgiving is but a memory I'm sure that many of you have either already finished decorating your homes for Christmas or are in the throes of it as I write this post.

 Normally, we love to start decking the halls the day after Thanksgiving and go all weekend long until it's completed. But this year, with our college son's homecoming, we lazed around the house for 3 days eating lots of home cooked meals, taking leisurely walks along the bay, sleeping in late and watching LOTS of football and movies.

There was a lot of family bonding going on!
It was wonderfully relaxing.

Now it's time to move into Christmas and although I am full of the Christmas Spirit I don't feel like going overboard with the Christmas decorations, which is why this spread from the December issue of Better Homes and Gardens resonated with me.

  I love the light touch seen throughout this charming home with the emphasis on natural greenery.

I've already picked up a bouquet of cut amaryllis, several small potted living Christmas trees with a touch of glitter on their tips from Trader Joe's, and am on the hunt for paper whites, either potted or in a kit.

I'm putting up one tree this year and foregoing lights on the house in favor of lighting up the boxwood balls in our entry.

Of course there will be pine cones too.

So tell me... did you get your tree over the weekend?  One of my favorite sights of the Christmas Season is seeing cars with trees strapped on top!


Privet and Holly said...

No freshies for us,
but our 9 ft. fake
is up and ready to
be dazzled. I'm with
you on the less is
more with the things
and the fresh is more
with the greens and
flowers....totally how
I plan to rock, this year!
Glad you had such a
great time with your son!

xx Suzanne

Pamela Hunt Lee said...

Our family hiked into the woods to cut fresh trees which helps the Forest Service thin and keep the area healthy. Also spent Saturday afternoon creating the most fabulously ornate gingerbread house with a dear friend who helps about 75 people make their dream gingerbread home every year! What a treat.

The enchanted home said...

Hi no didnt' get the tree yet because of our move but hope to soon after we move, this year much of our holiday decorating will be haphazard and last minute but I am sure to get it done in the nick of you I think less is more sometimes, if you put a lot of thought and care to the things you DO decorate. I would take a beautifully decorated tree and some sprinkled evergreens throughout the house anyday than a bunch of busy, chatchky types of decorations, the examples you showed above are all so beautiful!

Acquired Objects said...

OMG I’m so happy you put up this post, that couple in the kitchen baking cookies are some of our neighbors, too funny. I didn’t know they were going to be in the magazine. We’ve only put up the wreaths on the house and barn we do that every year the day after Thanksgiving. I bought some paper whites yesterday and will plant them up sometime this week but we don’t really decorate until a week or two before Christmas since we use all fresh greens.

Karena said...

I no longer do a big tree ( as I am in a condominium), however put up wreaths, garlands, lots of candles and Santas.

My little helper worked on a holiday table yesterday!


Art by Karena

D&G ESSEX said...

just beautiful. i love the idea and sometimes wish i could just put up one tree, but then my 29 year old would walk in the door and be disappointed.~Grace

Beach House Living said...

Nope, have not started a thing.

French said...

I did get the tree up this weekend, and even wrapped Mom's present from your store....just getting started with the Christmas decor...

Kathysue said...

Terri, I am having fun over here decorating. I did the mantel this weekend and am very pleased with my black and white color scheme this year. I will do the dining room and porch and that will be it for me.That is enough. I think with lots of candles and greenery and few sparkly ornaments any home can look festive!! I am looking forward to an angel theme in the dining room, lots of white and sparkle. I just love this time of year!! Falalala ♪♫♪♫
Come by for my Christmas gift giveaway it is a fun one!!
xo Kathysue

lisaroy said...

No tree for us this year - all of our things went into storage in Canada before we came to Dubai. I am going to put a few ornaments into bowls with some shells - keeping it a simple seaside Christmas theme this year (plus I have to have a spot to store it in this apartment once the holidays are over!) xo

Claudia Fabiana said...

Our "faux" tree is up and all bedazzled with vintage ornaments from our families and all the cute things the kids have made over the years. Just the way I like it!

I'm on the search for paperwhites too... ciao, ciao for now!

Unknown said...

We haven't gotten our tree yet, but we will this weekend. I, too, love the sight of a car tied on the roof of a car!!!

With our renovation in full swing, I'll be doing a dialed back version of holiday decor. But, I'm ok with that. Just a few sweet touches have already put me in the holiday spirit!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Your Thanksgiving holiday sounds a lot like mine, tons of time spent with the college kid...miss him already :( but our boys will be home soon enough for Christmas!

I am not in full swing just yet, looks like I need to check out some magazines because i like the ideal of keeping things simple!!!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I just finished my interior holiday decorating today. I strived this year for 'natural' and did away with lots of the glitter. I think that this is the trend this year, probably it has something to do with the economy. But I love the look. (-:

helen tilston said...

Hello Terri

I love your simpler touch -

I am beginning to think about decorating but still lots of time, I was to have the joy condensed.

There are so many beautiful styles and they all look magical.
My best

Helen xx

Diana said...

So happy to have discovered your blog...lead to me from your pictures of my favorite shop "Juxtaposition". Love your shop, too!