Sunday, November 13, 2011

A bit of Hollywood

Hollywood Forever, Kevin that is!

Lucky me, I got to spend a little time with one of my favorite bloggers and friend Kevin Beer over the weekend.


He was in The Bay Area for a family wedding and managed to squeeze me in for a little fun before heading back to his West Hollywood bungalow.

(He looks a little like Richard Gere, doesn't he?)

We met last year when we brought our son to UCLA and have developed a wonderful friendship.

  The last time we were in LA we met him at his favorite neighborhood flea market, so it was only fair that I took him to an estate sale or two in my neighborhood on Saturday afternoon.

He lucked out as there happened to be a pretty good one which is unusual for this time of year.

He found a few things...

and if you know Kevin...


one of them was a doll,

 a rather scary looking one at that.

 I spied it for him, detached and wretched, sitting there on a bookshelf hoping to be noticed and rescued.  

As you can see the house was packed, in fact my mom and I had gone the day before and we could barely negotiate our way around between the piles of stuff and the people who were lined up in the rain to get in!

By the time Kevin and I arrived the next afternoon I couldn't believe how much had sold, but there still were plenty of treasures to be had.

I managed to escape with most of my cash, spending only $6. 

As I was touring him around Alameda we spied another estate sale so of course we went inside to check it out. He emerged with a homemade box and I came out with what else but 2 shells to add to my growing collection! Most of you know I cannot resist a shell, what can't you resist when you are on the hunt?

Tired and hungry we arrived home to a fabulous home cooked meal by my amazing husband.  My mom joined us and we talked the night away as we watched Oregon beat Stanford... now that was a bit of a shocker!

Kevin was the 1st official guest to stay in our new "guest room."  He said he slept like a baby and emerged in the morning fresh faced and handsome as ever! 

We bid him farewell and safe travels and then spent the rest the weekend paying bills!

What did you do over the weekend?



Everything Coastal said...

We too watched Oregon beat Stanford! YAY!!! Tom is a Duck, and had the best time watching the game. Napa on Friday.

Glad you had such a great time scouting out fun stuff.


Unknown said...

Hi Terri, The kids helped plant some Mariposa Lily bulbs, and Rhododendron bushes today. The weather here in NY has been quite mild for November (not complaining), so we still have time to putter around in the garden.
So nice that you were successful at your estate sales. You can never have too many shells. I adore Kevin's blog, and his funky decorative style too.
Have a wonderful week my friend. -Al

Kathysue said...

Looks like a fun time!1

The enchanted home said...

Fun those marble lamps and the marble bird bowls, beautiful! That house was so chock full, almost looked like they were hoarders! And going home to a home cooked meal by your husband? The best!!

Theresa Cheek said...

what else?....painted!LOL! I also worked on my blog and did some pinning on pinterest!

Smart Deco Home said...

Wow, that looked like a fun sale! I am always on the hunt for a darling tea cup and saucer. Don't need a whole set - I collect them one by one, and then have a big mis-matched tea party to celebrate!

ceecee said...

Lucky you. Estate sales with Kevin would be my idea of a good time!

cj said...

How do you find these wonderful estate sales? Are they listed somewhere. I spend a lot of time at the Alameda small dog park with my corgi zoe, we would love to zip into some of those sales. Thanks.