Monday, September 12, 2011

Wanderlusting After Found Objects

Summer is over and if we haven't been on vacation, we're dreaming of being on vacation. One of our favorite autumn activities is visiting antique markets, flea markets and yard sales for found objects to add to our dÈcor.† These found objects can transport us to another time or place and satisfy our wanderlust... or inspire more.† These are a few found objects we're (wander)lusting after right now. No passport needed to explore these decorating ideas.

Interior Design IdeasRoadside Scholar (via)
Artist Mark Orr creatures enchanting sculptures from found objects. He transforms the odd ball and orphaned into charming works of art. So inspiring.

Decorating Ideas for Living RoomsBurlap Luxe (via)

Love this collection of seashore inspired objects, including the found bird's nest.† Mixing new and vintage objects creates a one of a kind tableaux in cottage living room or bedroom designs.

Decorating IdeasDesigner Grill (via)

Taking a found object out of its context can transform the ordinary into the sublime. Did you guess what this object is? Vintage bedsprings! Would be great in a garden or framed as modern sculpture.
Living Room Design IdeasTrouvais (via)

A collection of found objects and furnishings can transport us to the south of France or the south of India. Love the cement balls for the garden.
Kitchen Design IdeasEddie Ross (via)

Found objects can transport us not only to faraway lands but to a time gone by. Vintage silver trophies are plentiful at flea markets and online.† Pick a favorite and start your collection.
Living Room Design IdeasPaper Snitch (via)

Unlock adventures with vintage books. Vintage adventure books can satisfy a wanderlust craving for a few dollars and look great on a shelf or beside a bed. Using your imagination and implementing functionality and form is what interior design ideas is all about.
Decorating IdeasStyle Files (via)

A sun bleached white cottage interior feels inviting with a mix of new and found objects. A simple palette of driftwood beige and white unifies the eclectic collection.
Decorating Ideas for Living RoomsI Plan It Right (via)

A collection of vintage tea tins is perfect for an Anglophile. These found tins can be repurposed and reused in so many ways. Love them as vases for a summer tea party.

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Kathysue said...

Hi Terri, lovely images, I will have to check this site out!!! Thanks for the heads up!xo Kathysue

Karena said...

Terri I love all of these wonderful finds!! Wonderful, and the white and driftwood entry, adore!


Art by Karena

Acquired Objects said...

You wanderlust well Terri these are all beautiful images I'll have to go check out the sites! Enjoy your evening!

under spanish moss said...

Love the vintage bedsprings and trophies.

the vintage bricoleur said...

You could wander on up to Roseville this weekend for a mini vacation. We will be selling at Mes Amis. I loved all of the images. Terry

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I like all of the unique finds you have here. Very fun!