Wednesday, September 21, 2011

LA Confidential

OK, I'll say it...

I love LA... I really love it!

Before our son attended UCLA I rarely visited southern California.  My whole life I can recall people saying that northern and southern California could be 2 states.  In many ways they are very different and each time I visit I find more and more unique differences between the two.

This trip down was special because it was my Birthday Weekend!

First stop...
The Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity House


When we pulled up to the house, our timing couldn't have been better as new carpet had just been installed 15 minutes earlier.

Our son arrived a few minutes later from working out... just in time to help his brothers move this 4 piece behemoth into the house. 

 Piece by piece they carried it in...

and much to our surprise it fit perfectly into the space!

Suffice it to say, they were pretty stoked!
I on the other hand was a little worried they may never get off it.

 Soon... every guy in the house came by to see it. There was some serious couch envy going on!

We headed into Westwood Village for sushi and some alone time with our son.  We've never seen him happier! I think his sophomore year is going to be memorable!

The next morning we got up bright and early and headed to Urth Cafe on Beverly Drive for a "Spanish Latte."

 I discovered Urth Cafe and their renowned "Spanish Latte" back in March when I goggled best coffee in Santa Monica and I've been craving it ever since!

Apparently on top of their amazing organic coffees, delicious food and famous desserts they are also incredible coffee artists.

Here is the one they made my son.  One of the Baristas apparently took notice of the t-shirt he was wearing! 
If you are like me and never heard of a Spanish Latte, here's the recipe. Once you've tasted one, you'll crave them. I always look forward to them when I'm here.

Once we were fueled up it was time to hit the  thrift stores!  My wonderful blog friend Susan, of Blooming Rose Musings, met up with us and took us to some of her faves.

 The first thing that caught my eye was this amazing pair of twin size headboards.

 My heart began pounding as I walked inside and discovered this wonderful vintage french cafe table. It was so liberating to have my empty cargo van parked outside ready to accommodate any sized treasure!

 I was so tempted to buy this incredible French Dining Room set but in the end decided against it as it would take up too much room in my prop shop and there isn't enough space in the shop right now...

Believe me it was very hard to walk away as all the furniture was 1/2 off that day only!

Everything works out though as just a few minutes later a French couple walked in and bought it!

I also found this 1950's era lamp,

an incredible piece of vintage seashell art, which I declared,  "The Best Birthday Present Ever!",

 this wonderful large faux bamboo brass serving tray and several tiny treasures...

including three Spanish Doubloons or coasters,

 another set of coasters in my favorite shade of orangey coral, a small trinket box and miniature painting.

I also scored 2 oil paintings by listed Santa Barbara artist, Peggy Morris.  This one is titled, Stow House, Goleta"

and this one is "Spring Sky at the Mission".

 Susan invited us to dinner at the beach for my birthday so we took the scenic route via Sunset Blvd. to Malibu and met up at Gladstones.

(The painted floor on the way to the restrooms)

(I'm obsessed with this floor!)

She scored us the perfect table outside complete with breathtaking views of the Santa Monica Pier and Catalina Island.


She wanted us to see the dolphins frolicking offshore and take in the beautiful sunset!

We ordered our food, and when the cocktails arrived...

we raised our glasses to a perfect day and a treasured friendship made through blogging!

I had steamed clams,

Chris had the Baja shrimp tacos,

and Susan had crab cakes.

The sunset was spectacular!

It was all quite memorable!

Thank you Susan for making this Birthday one to remember!!

 The next morning we got up, grabbed a Spanish latte at Urth and met up with another wonderful blogger friend of mine, Hollywood Forever, Kevin, at one of his favorite flea markets in his West Hollywood neighborhood.

He toured us all around the market introducing us to his favorite dealers... 
and when we came to this one he spied something out of the corner of his eye saying it was "soooo you" and bought it for me for my birthday!

 He really knows me!
I love it!

He told me, "It's fabulous, I think it is a ring holder!".

I think he's right!
I also think I am one lucky lady to have such wonderful friends, who I would never have met if it weren't for our blogs!!

Well... the party is over, but boy it was good while it lasted :)

Like I said, I love LA!



Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree daughter lives there and I have the best time every time I visit. So glad that your visit was a great one!

Kathysue said...

Oh Terri, It all looks and sounds perfect!!! I love the treasures purchased and the treasures you were given!!! You are so lucky to have spent time with Susan!!! She is such a dear sweet lady, xo Kathysue

The enchanted home said...

Terri first off happy belated birthday! A fabulous birthday week indeed!! Wow so much to love, of course the icing on the cake is seeing your son happy, thats the best reward and gift of all. Looks like they are really going to enjoy that sofa!! Good call mom!
All the neat products are wonderul, that painted floor with the fish is amazing and I would love that faux bamboo tray to use atop a dressing table for my perfume pretty!!
Glad it was memorable.

Stitchfork said...

Happy belated birthday Terri! And laughing, as I can so relate to the unloading the packed vehicle scenes! Love the latte art and also that floor - I'm obsessed with it too!
xo Cathy

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Your weekend was a very busy one. Your son is so cute. The couch will be well used by those guys for sure. Love that table you found, the top is amazing. I love Kevin's blog. He has such a great eye for design. Glad to have found you also, through the wonderful land of blog :)

Pamela Hunt Lee said...

Ooohhhh...that painted love love it.

Karena said...

Terri Happy Birthday!! What an exciting time with your son. Seeing Susan AND Kevin. Perfect!!

Still thinking of the latte art!

Art by Karena

vignette design said...

Alright, girlfriend. We need to go to LA! Together! We can visit Chris, and we can visit Alex. And we can shop til we drop! Your trip sounds like such a blast.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

It was so good to see you and Chris. You are such a sweetheart. I'm glad you had a Happy Birthday. I will try to do a new post tonight. Come back to LA soon. XO

PS. I bet those students are loving that couch and singing your praises!

cjsullivan133 said...

Wow Terri. What an incredible week-end. Incredible finds. So much to comment on. Love the photo of your husband and you on the beach. And the food. And your son's bear face on his latte. And the picture of the Mission which will go with your others, and the shell ink-well.. and how the sofa fitted perfectly and how fast it looked lived in!

geri said...

i'd say you had a perfect weekend! they don't get much better that that! icicng on the cake is a happy child!! what great scores at the thrift store! i'd like the name of it please... have a great week terri, geri xxxx

designchic said...

Happy belated birthday!! It looks like such a fun weekend, and I absolutely love the oil paintings ~

LaPouyette said...

Love this post! So lively and real!
Beautiful images, can get the atmosphere....
Greetings from the Périgord,

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I just started a blog a couple of months ago. So many people have left so many nice comments. I live in L.A. I would love to visit the stores where you found your treasures. do you remember the names? Thanks

Beach House Living said...

The shell sculpture knocked the pond boat out of first place of best birthday present ever.

I notice there were no photos of a full van for the return trip.

Unknown said...

I'm happy just seeing how much fun you had in L.A. with your son and thrifting. I can't believe how much I'm craving a hot coffee right now - with a little design on top. And, loving that brass tray. I have one that is eerily similar, found for me by none other that a mutual friends, E+J!

Happy Belated, my friend. I hope it was everything you dreamed it would be.

xoxo Elizabeth

helen tilston said...

Hi Terri

Congratulations on your birthday and may the year be filled with goodness.What a beautiful way to celebrate with friends and delicious food.
My best
Helen xx