Thursday, August 11, 2011


 Yesterday my niece Sarah came over to help me price treasures for the new store.

 After a few hours our stomachs began to growl so we jumped in the car and headed to 51st and Telegraph (soon to be the new location, Oakland's Temescal District, of our new shop)

But best known as the home of

where we were happy to wait our turn in line

 for 2 of their famous Fried Chicken Sandwiches.

Buttermilk-fried chicken (one breast, split) is topped with a generous helping of slaw (mixed with jalapenos and red onions, and dressed simply with olive oil, red wine vinegar, and mustard -- no mayo). The whole shebang is nestled into a soft white roll that is just a touch crispy on the outside. If you want, you can add Frank's Red Hot or Tapatio hot sauce for a little extra zing.

We snagged a seat at one of the ironing board tables lining the sidewalk and devoured half of it saving room for a scoop of Scream Sorbet which is the newest kid in town and located just a few stores down from Betty's.

Scream started out selling their sorbet at farmer's markets throughout the Bay Area.

The quality of their sorbet is unparalleled because they start with whole fresh ingredients.  It's denser, creamier, and more flavorful.

Each week they comb Bay Area farmer's markets in search of the best local, organic and seasonal produce available and then head back to their lab to experiment.

 They make one quart at a time.  They want their sorbet to taste exactly like the fantastic ingredients that go into it.

 They usually carry about 12 flavors at a time in their shop on Telegraph. Here are just 12 examples out of a list of 120 seasonal selections!

  1. Anaheim Chile
  2. August Fire Nectarine
  3. Beet Lemon
  4. Blackberry Chocolate
  5. Chipotle Chocolate
  6. Coconut Thai Basil
  7. Crimson Watermelon
  8. Cucumber Mint
  9. Fennel Citrus
  10. Fig Walnut
  11. Lemon Lavender
  12. Lime Jasmine

 The good news is they give free samples!

 My niece, Sarah, chose Strawberry Shortcake.

 This sorbet is definitely quality over quantity!

 You can get it prepackaged at the shop on Telegraph or buy it at Whole Foods.

And they just started offering Sorbet Sandwiches!

 Now, every time I go to Bakesale Betty I'm going to have to decide between her homemade strawberry shortcake and cookies or a scoop of delicious Scream Sorbet... decisions, decisions!

 After lunch, I took Sarah by the shop for a quick peek...

 It's coming along!

A final stop at one of my favorite haunts, and now Sarah's too, yielded these fantastic planters which will go a long way towards the shop's curb appeal!

Thank you Sweet Sarah for a wonderful and productive day!!


Erica Cook said...

It's looking wonderful Therese! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to visit! ... oh and the sorbet looks good too!

Unknown said...

The suspense is killing me! This is such an awesome space. Can't wait...

Kathysue said...

Yum!!! I need a scream sandwich. I also think I need those planters!!! xo Kathysue

geri said...

i love those sandwiches from bakesale betty's!! my daughter lived off grand for years and we would grab a sandwich and go to the lake to eat it! a couple of years ago i became a vegetarian, so no more sandwiches from betty's! i do eat icecream though so i am looking forward to screams for some sorbet! then on to shopping at the new shop! do you have a name picked out yet? i am sure it is a clever one!xxxx

Hamptontoes said...

How sweet of your beautiful niece to help you with your endeavor! I wish that I lived close by as I would be buying some items in from your shop, starting with those planters! I wish you only the best of fun and lots of success with your shop!

under spanish moss said...

Wow, the sandwich looks delicious. Making our tummy grumble! We can't wait to see more of the store. It's going to be great.
Angela and Renee

helen tilston said...

How exciting for you to have your niece assist you. The ironing board tables are so unique.

Have a lovely weekend

Helen xx

mwaxter said...
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Melissah from Coastal Style said...

My are making me very hungary!
There is 'A Lovely Blog Award' for you om my Scrapbook Blog. The details are on Thursday's post. Your blog was one of the inspirational coastal blogs that inspired me to set up my new blog 'Coastal Style'.

Unknown said...

Sooooo exciting, Terri! Your shop is going to be amazing! You are inspiring me to think BIG!!!

And, I just finished dinner...and somehow you've managed to make me want to raid the freezer at this late hour. I scream for sorbet!!

xoxo Elizabeth

quintessence said...

SO excited for your shop!! And I'm with Elizabeth - just had a nice dinner out but am now craving sorbet!! And LOVE LOVE those planters!!

French Kissed said...

you had me at"scream" as I assumed it was ice cream...but buttermilk fried chicken...oh my goodness not only am I excited to pay your new shop a visit but I can't wait to lunch in the neighborhood! the shop is looking great...all the best!


Splendid Willow said...

Tess, I am over the moon happy for you! What a venue!!!!! And I know your great taste. You are going to do so well!!!

We are coming for the wedding in Santa Cruz on Oct. 1st. I so plan to drive up to see you and take some pictures of your new store (you need to spread the PR a little) and to finally meet you!

Warm hugs,


P.S Your niece is stunning!

Jacque Ferreira said...

I was going to leave a long detailed comment but now I have to run to Whole Foods for some Scream Sorbet Ha! Shop space is looking exciting!

Burlap Luxe said...

Lady "T" the beautiful shop space looks like a place to love, I can tell I would so want to shop in your store, The frontage windows and door Wow's me! are you going to keep the floors cement and perhaps acid wash them sealing them up in a matte rustic finish, or are they already done! I so hope to visit someday soon taking in all that you will inspire.
We will have to talk about my Opera theatre I will be creating some and I am on the hunt for salvage for them :)

The fried chicken sandwiches look yummy!! and the sorbet oh my I would have to have a least 2 flavors at once!

Thank you for sharing your shop space and the journey you are taking.
The planter boxes are perfect :)

Beach House Living said...

Tough choices in the future. Like the big shop window.

cjsullivan133 said...

I discovered Scream recently at the Farmers Market. The Strawberry Lemon is really good. SCORE on the planters! Awesome.

Angie said...

How exciting!!! I have been out of the loop in blogland for a while now and had no idea you were opening a shop!?! Congrats!!! It will be a "must see" for me! ;)

Karena said...

Terri how perfect for your shop to be in a location where you can get the best for lunch AND treats!!

Scream Sorbet; I will see if it is at our Whole Foods Market! Wow and what a chicken sandwich.

I need some help with my curb appeal at this time since all of the summer flowers have scorched a dreadful death!


Art by Karena

The Plush Pad/The Adorned Life said...

I am so excited for you & your new venture! You truly are an inspiration. I love checking in on your blog to see what you've found & where. You find the most amazing things. Congratulations Terri! Sending lots of love your way <3

Hill Country House Girl said...

What a fun day! So excited for your new shop. I have to figure out a way to get out there to visit when you open!

Party Resources said...

Can not wait for your new store! xx

for the love of a house said...

that sandwich is beautiful;)!! love seeing how the shop is coming along... so exciting!


The Vintique Object said...

You can't imagine how happy I am to have found you! I keep wondering, where are all of the other design bloggers in the Bay Area? And what's better, I know exactly, exactly where your new store is, but mum's the word. I live just a few blocks away in Rockridge!! A boy, a new shop to visit (and feature??)

*Chic Provence* said...

Wow Terri, the perfect day! I, for one, will be at the door when you open!! congratulations!

xoxo Kit

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Love, love the planters and am anxiously waiting for the opening of your new store!