Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Importance of a Clutter Free Environment

You know how you set out to do one thing and all of a sudden you jump to something else?

 (I did straighten it up though)

Well, that's exactly what happened the day I planned to vignette my son's bedroom.

Somehow I ended up in my den/office, which had become a catchall for the art and accessories that I've been collecting for the shop.

The bookshelves needed a good pruning, so I weeded out a fair amount, and then re-organized and refreshed them.

As you can see it's a pretty busy room.

The walls and sofa are upholstered in toile fabric

 and the bookcase is mirrored so there is a lot going on.

 We turned the former bedroom closet into a built in desk and skirted it.

I took the opportunity to de-clutter my desk so my mind would in turn be less cluttered.

Directly across from the desk is a window which looks out to the front of the house.

We built in a window seat with 4 drawers to hold files which functions beautifully and has kept paperwork at bay.

 (Close up of drawer front)

 (Built in window seat with 4 file drawers)

This is the view directly across from the sofa which is in front of the mirrored bookcase.
We keep extra supplies in the french marquetry dresser that I recently found and swapped out. 

I placed a pair of catchall baskets near my desk to corral potential clutter!

Now, more than ever it is important that when I enter this room it's clutter free and organized so I feel energized to deal with all the things I have on my plate. 

 Every time I come in here I feel like I can breathe and it feels great!


lisaroy said...

what a great room! and I agree, being organized does help to clear your mind and breathe easy :)

Unknown said...

Love this space! The transformation of closet into workspace is terrific. Your lamps are so pretty, love the coral. My father has a clock that is very similar to the one on your bookshelf, just beautiful. Hope you are having a great day. We here in NY, just felt a tremor a little while ago from the earthquake in Va. I'd never be able to live in Cali, knowing that is a possibility at any time. I'm a chicken.

Kathysue said...

You know this is one of my fav rooms in your home, and that is saying something since all your rooms are gorgeous. It never ceases to amaze me how perfectly each piece fits in that space!!! Love it all and you are so right about de-cluttering possessions does de-clutter our minds. xo Kathysue

The enchanted home said...

What a gorgeous showplace!! Your office is nothing short of stunning, love it!!!!! Love all the accessories and how you so artfully arranged everything, quite beautiful!!
Decluttering is the BEST feeling ever, I am so happy when everything has its own little place, feels so good. I love what you have done...cannot wait to see what you do with your sons room now!

Victoria said...

Stunning space love the toile with the mirrored bookcase(such an unusual find) you have packed a lot of stuff in this space. But OMG you have done it with such style. The window seat files are a great idea.
Love the whole thing the lamps, the chest, all of the accessories most excellent.

A Perfect Gray said...

beautiful room, terri. I love the toile and the mirrored shelves. and love your collection or crucifixes. you're a gal after my own heart...donna

Southgate said...

What a beautiful space! I love the mirrored bookshelves, and the pagoda pillow is to die for.

Hamptontoes said...

Love your space...you've got talent! It is so chic, lively and functional all tied together nicely. Fabulous!

helen tilston said...

Hi Terri

Your room is so fabulous. I adore all the toile. It is a fabric I never tire of. That window seat and the storage drawers is very clever.
You are an inspiration for un-cluttering

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Bravo to you although I am thinking that the sofa looks like a great napping place...so much for work!


this interior is just woooowww!! i have no words!

it's perfect!!!

Nutbird said...

Supposedly a neat space reduces migraines, ADHD, and depression. I have a hard time dealing with books, lists, and magazines. What I don't understand is all the "vignettes" people create on their surfaces. How can you fit a clock, box of Kleenex, book, pen, drink, Kindle, etc on some of these nightstands? Love your office. I would lie on the sofa and take a nap Every Day.

Atelier de Campagne said...

Hi Teri, I have to pay attention and get to it! Our place is tiny and I end up cluttering it with all sorts of things. There are times when they are pieces that I plan to take to the store soon, items that I am afraid might break(like a Dome de marriage) and al sorts of odds and ends that those of us in the trade tend to think, "I might need this some day" As I sit here writing this I see them and I need to de-clutter! I read somewhere that clutter can become physical and emotional blockage. Thanks for the inspiration!


Party Resources said...

I have zero clutter in my home and my office. It makes ALL the difference in how I function. xx

Anonymous said...
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under spanish moss said...

We need to do some uncluttering ourselves. So much inspiration here. Love the window seat with the file cabinets!!! Beautiful room!
Angela and Renee

La Dolfina said...

Hi Anon,
Are you the same anon that loves to correct my spelling?
I'd love you to introduce yourself :)

Cashon&Co said...

Your office is so gorgeous! I am SO glad you shared it with us. I want those mirrored shelves. I have always loved that style. And I have also always been a fan of upholstery matching curtains or walls. Youve got talent babeeee!