Monday, August 8, 2011

Curators of Style

On our way home from Lake Tahoe we stopped at Trove in Roseville.

I'd been hearing about this place from several friends for months now.

It's a large antique mall with many dealers but one dealer in particular stopped me dead in my tracks.

 Everything about this space wowed me.

I think they nailed it when they coined themselves, "Curators of Style".

These "Curators of Style" are Tim and Lisa Arbogast, a husband and wife team out of Sacramento.

Here's their story...

 "The Christmas before we were married Linda scoured antique and vintage stores to find 12 alarm clocks, each one set for a different hour and enclosed a note saying it's time to say "I love you".

 "I will never forget it and honestly the sight of that many alarm clocks made me realize I loved "things" in mass.

"We have since collected and curated "things" for ourselves, clients and Martin Maddox".

"We call them instant collections, we find the pieces and you get a curated collection of "things" whatever they may be, our muse 
our inspiration".

We are blessed to be doing what we love and we love finding that "thing"... the start of a new collection."

 I think these two are a match made in heaven!

I could spend hours in their space taking in each and every detail.

It was a unique shopping experience as I was at once fascinated by their offerings yet equally enthralled by their presentation.

So many stores just throw merchandise at you without taking the time to demonstrate how to display or showcase the items/treasures/collections.

 They seemed intent on creating an environment worthy of their collections.

The backdrops, the wall treatments, the unique lighting, and the rugs all came together to make the the collections of "things" really stand out.

 It was quite powerful and made MARTIN MATTOX an unforgettable experience for me.

After all...
a house full of "things" isn't living well.

Yet a house full of interesting, meaningful, historical things, that speak to you...

and are displayed in a way that does them justice and creates a pleasing design aesthetic,

lifts you up and makes you happy and comfortable in your environment. 

I know for myself that I feel a soul connection to my treasures and get pleasure from living with them.

When I was younger I was content to collect lots of things and try to live with it all.

But, as I've gotten older I've come to understand the concepts of "edited" and "curated".

It's more restful.

The eye can appreciate more.

 An edited room is much harder to achieve.

It takes restraint.

I'm constantly striving to edit my environment.

 It's challenging.

At first I feel funny...

a little uneasy.

I have to tell myself to relax, live with it for a few days.

My initial reaction is always,
"I don't like it".

 But after a few days, which is not easy for this Virgo, I usually have adjusted to the change of having less and I love it!

 How about you?

Are any of you striving to live with less?

As many of you have guessed I'm going to be opening a shop with 3 friends where I'll be selling many of the treasures that I've collected and cherished over the years.

I'm very excited and grateful for this new door that is opening for me.

I will be learning lots of things not the least of which is learning to let go.

I've thought long and hard about why I love the thrill of the hunt and even tried to stop several times but,

 had to accept that it makes me happy.
It's a passion. 

I don't need anything more for myself,

but hopefully have found an outlet for my passion and a way to contribute to our family finances and our son's college education.

I'm looking forward to this new venture and will keep you posted as the store gets closer to opening.

Most of all I want to thank each and every person who has followed my journey through this blog and has taken the time to leave me comments, email me, or just silently and anonymously read my posts...

it's in great part to all of you that my dreams are coming true!

Your love, support, and belief in me has brought me farther than I ever imagined.

I know we all say how much blogland has enhanced our lives,

but it is sooo true!

There's nothing like the connections and friendships that we make through blogging.

Where else could we find so many like minded individuals who share our passions and "get us?"

And so...

as I stand poised to begin a new journey what's foremost on my mind is gratitude.

Thank you for being a very important part of my life.

 I treasure each and every one of you!

Please keep me in your prayers

 and wish me luck.


Kathysue said...

What a beautiful post my sweet friend. I enjoyed looking at all the images, but I must say your words are what spoke to me the most. You know I live in an edited home, probably too edited for some and not enough for others. I love your home and each piece speaks of YOU. YOU my dear have many gifts. I am so happy and proud of you for using your gift of treasure hunting to allow others to share in your bounty!!! You won't need luck, you already have the right attitude and perspective to do well. Love you

Julie said...

Love your entry today! You will not need luck you have the wonderful eye and love all the treasures you have found. I have that same crazy need for the hunt of a treasure. Great prayers for your new adventure and we will need a road trip to add to your shop... Down to Pasadena ;) Let me know if you need any help. I have a great husband like yours that loves scrubbing furniture.

Teryl said...

I'm so happy you found Martin Maddox. I live in the area and my 19 year old daughter and I have loved "visiting" the MM booth at the Trove for a couple years now. They offer such wonderful visual stimulation and ideas. (I too live in a home that I frequent edit and have done so with items I found at MM.) She has left for college back east, but I will continue to "visit" and share my experiences with her.

Anonymous said...

all good luck in the new endeavor!

the vintage bricoleur said...

Congratulations on your new store! I can't wait for more info.

Unknown said...


First, what a treasure Trove you found!!! I wish it was within driving distance for me!

Second, prayers and good wishes abound, as you are ready to take this leap and FLY!!!! First you dreamed it, then you envisioned it's time for it to BE.

Third...just a funny. As my 6 year old and I walked into town for a little impromptu picnic on our library green, we passed our town's "estate sale shop". I often poke my head in, but never with my sons. I enjoyed browsing...and he made a new friend, sharing all of his lego people with the woman manning the store. I think she was secretly pleased as I'm sure most of her visitors are women past a certain age.

Finally, I am SO wanting to live with less. I took bag, after bag, to the clothing drop and the church thrift store today....just don't need so much STUFF. Unless it's great stuff. Which is exactly what you will have in your shop!

xoxo Elizabeth

cheryl said...

I wish you well in your new venture. Like you, I struggle to live with less and edit, edit, edit!
Hope to visit your shop someday...

bee bon said...


Anonymous said...

What an amazing place!! We would definitely NOT be living with less after a trip there!! So many great finds!!!
xo E + J

geri said...

ah terri... your post has really struck a cord with me tonight! i will be sending my last baby off to college in a few short weeks and i keep envisioning a pared down collection of my treasures found over the last 40 years! a kind of life cleaning if you will! it has always been difficult to get rid of found treasures and the things i have parted with, i have usually been sorry for. now that we have three children away at school i think i too feel that i can contribute by selling some of my things. maybe it won't be so difficult now, and i can learn to love less. maybe an etsy account! deep down i have always wanted a little shop, but my fears have kept me taking the plunge! i am thrilled for you and your new venture and just know you will be a success at it! thank god for friends to hold each other up. you are truly blessed! you and yours are in my prayers! sincerely, geri xxxx

Karena said...

Terri, I am so very excited for you!! I am currently editing a lot.

Still picking up this and that, only what I REALLY Love though. Plus I am selling some items that don't work for me any more.


Art by Karena

Megan said...

Wow how amazing is their booth! I've tried the less is more approach to decorating but its so not me. I just like stuff and I'm realizing as of late I like old and chippy things.

I'm so excited and a little jealous for this shop adventure you are starting. Luck and prayers I'm sending to you!


Danna Harvey said...

I have added Trove to my list of must see places!! Awesome.

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi "T"
You said it was a unforgettable experience for YOU!! well just seeing your pictures was a... unforgettable experience for ME!

I wish I were there shopping with you! Thank you for your visit and me not getting back to you right away! I pulled something in my back with the piece I am working on and every time I take a deep breath I feel pain Eeeeh! gads!!
So I laid around all day in misery yesterday :p

Now girl what is this about a shop for you? have I been out of the loop here. You must email me letting me know what you are doing!!
And I am going to be doing some more opera boxes I will make boxes if I can't find them in the clock or old box form, I will make them look old :)

Please email me and tell me more, I am soooo! excited for you, a shop is perfect for you and you will be fabulous at shop keeping :)

Thank you for your beautiful comment and fathful visits to my place!


under spanish moss said...

Good Evening "T"…we found our dream place today! Thank you for posting the most simple yet beautiful images, we were wowed from the beginning. Out of curiosity, what was in the canisters that are white with the little shoes on them, we are so intrigued as to what could be in them? Again what a wonderful surprise post!

Hope your week is wonderful!

Renee and Angela

LRS4AMANDA said...

Hi Terri,

I initially saw your talent on "Rate my Space" and then began reading your blog. Yours was the first one I ever read, and it's exposed me to a whole new world of other blogs as well! Although I don't comment very often, I do read your blog regularly. I'm happy for you that you are following your passion and I'm sure you will succeed! Best of luck to you!


privatdetektiv said...

Terry, Your collection is eye catching. Your blog is among the most important sites on this industry. Nearly every write-up which you create is gold. Your writing style is eloquent, revitalizing,and fairly interesting.

cjsullivan133 said...

LUCK!.. Is this place you or what!? I'm really digging that rug in block squares with stripes. Looks very cool with the blue... You are going to have so much fun Terri! You are going to be teaching your new partners in crime, a new way of seeing. U use the word restful. I think of peaceful, which is the same thing, when a home is curated just so. Not many people have the touch and you have it. Loved seeing you last week with Louie. I watched your spirit and you are a gentle soul. Infectious and beautiful.

Ann said...

What a lovely place,

so many treasures in there (thanks for your lovely pics)...

I think I can spend one day in there and still it would not be enough.

Love the story of the couple too, thanks for sharing ♥

Seawashed said...

I am so excited for you! And I plan to come visit. Can you believe I have never heard of the place you visited in Roseville? and I am only 45 mins away! I will have to find it and go visit. My husband is a superintendent on the re-building project of the Roseville Galleria. My favorite place to go in Roseville is the Fountains where Anthropologie is located. Best wishes in all the preparations for your shop!

MM said...

Thank You so much for the wonderful post and all the photos! We wish you all the best on your new venture.
Tim and Linda

Beach House Living said...

Goodness, you aren't hearing my cheers are you?

Seawashed said...

"T" You are not going to believe it but I last night while at the Artwalk in Dowtown Sacramento we walked into a new shop~ Scout Living and who was the featured designer Martin Mattox! I didn't even know who he was until you did your post this week. His space was in the front of the shop and by far our favorite! I loved every detail of display. I did a post about it today and linked to you for reference to Martin Mattox. I am not one to pay too much attention to designers so I don't have much knowledge on the subject like you do! If you are ever passing through again maybe we could meet up downtown at Crepeville for a bite to eat and then walk through Scout Living. It's a small shop but the Garrett of is also there. He is at the Point every month so you may know who he is...and his space is where I found the European license plate.
ox Kerrie

Tuuli - Lumo Lifestyle said...

Hi terri

Greetings from Helsinki. I have been so busy with vacations and returning to work that I haven't been able to visit my favorite blogs as often as would like.

Congratulatiosn on your new shop! How exciting! Looking forward to see more posts on that.

I would like to live with less, although I know i (nor my husband )never will be a minimalist... We were in New York for two weeks and of course found all kind of interesting items in the City and in Hudson Valley: I have to get rid of some of the things I don't use to make more space for the new finds....

Pigtown*Design said...

OMG! What incredible news! You've got such a great eye and a knack for finding amazing things. I am sure that your shop will be a massive success!


larajanepark said...

Oh my Heavens above! I have been so busy being a secretary that I have not kept up with my blog reading. And I am so so so so so happy that you are opening a FABULOUS DOLFINA shop in my neck of the woods!!!! I will happily come visit you this weekend!Let me sift through to find details of hours open etc. Congratulations! You will love being a shop owner. I adored it for years!!