Sunday, June 26, 2011

Soulful Treasures

There is so much to love about this wonderful vintage art box from the 1940's.

The box and all the old tins holding paints, pastels and water colours,


all the sweet pictures and cut-outs.

It's obviously been cherished and clearly enjoyed,

and makes one nostalgic for their own childhood.

 I especially love the vintage graphics on all the tins and boxes.

I love this!

It's so charming how this kit was called,
Springtime Crayon and Water Color Outfit.

It's no wonder so many of us deeply appreciate things from the past.

They were so beautifully made or presented.

Maybe it's because we leave this world but our treasured things stay behind,

 left with our imprint and energy, and love.

Somehow all the wear and tear just makes them more soulful and appealing...

the patina, their age.

All I know is that this cherished possession called out to me...

 to bring it home.

You know that I believe that many treasures find their next caretaker. 

Could it perhaps be you?

If so...

 to make it




Anonymous said...

It just seems like everything used to be made with better quality too I think. Now I feel like painting. I took a class once but probably forgot everything I learned! I will be emailing you come fall for a pep talk when my son goes to college.. it will be me this year who will be teary eyed. xo

Simple Daisy said...

Wow...what a great find! Things just aren't made the same way anymore:(
I wish I were a painter!!

helen tilston said...

You have presented these paint supplies so beautifully and artistically.

Have a wonderful week

savvycityfarmer said...

girl, you always come up with something fabulous ...

absolutely collectible!!

wedding posts are up

cjsullivan133 said...

These images of the tin's is so nostalgic for me. I forgot how much I loved my own paints as a child. Wow. My father was an artist. I would watch him squeeze out pearl size dabs of each color from tiny tubes much like these, and be awe-struck as he slathered them together into a whole other consistency with his palette in one had and his putty knife in the other. sigh. They are beautiful Terri.

Unknown said...

I would love to know who owned this amazing set. Someone, I'll bet, who led a very beautiful and creative life. Hmmmm....sounds a lot like you!!!

xoxo Elizabeth