Thursday, June 30, 2011

Collecting Portraits

You might remember a few months ago I did a post on the amazing store while visiting the Newport Coast in Southern California.

After seeing this wonderful display I began collecting portraits.

This is my most recent find.
I figured he was a historical figure but I wasn't sure exactly who he was until... 

I came across this page in this month's Elle Decor Magazine.

The original
 Juan de Pareja (1650)



Now I know who he is and that he was painted by Diego Velasquez.

I think whoever painted it did a great job, don't you?  
Do you collect portraits?


Kathysue said...

No collection here, but I do love looking at them and imagining who they are and what they were thinking. My Mom collect pictures of ladies,she has some really pretty images. How cool that you found out who he was and who painted him, Kathysue

helen tilston said...

This is a beautiful portrait. I paint portraits and have about 8 oil portraits which I have retained and have grown to love.I have a portrait of me painted by artist Jen Savedra, which is a treasure.

Lovely post
Helen xx

Jacque Ferreira said...

So much fun! what a great start to your new collection. You always share the most interesting things, I find your blog to be very fresh and inspiring... no cookie cutter stuff going on here! Take care and have fun treasure hunting ~ Jacque

Nutbird said...

No, I don't collect portraits. I think they might be scary, especially the ones that I could afford to buy. My husband bought some black and white photographs of people. It creeps me out to pass by Jimmy Stewart all dressed up and looking sinister.
I do collect vintage landscapes. My favorites are the ones of Western mountains. They all seem to have water in them. I told my daughter, "I got a really nice painting today." "Yeah, I know, mountains, trees, water, they all look the same." My other favorite is paintings of Yosemite. Ann

under spanish moss said...

The grouping of portraits looks so nice together. Wouldn't it be great to have portraits of all of your family members in a grouping such as this?