Monday, April 18, 2011

The Private World of Lyford Cay

The interior designer Tom Scheerer, of New York, has spent some seven years refreshing the venerable Lyford Cay Club in the Bahamas. His new lobby, dining tent, cottages, yacht club, and what's called the Little Club are are seen for the first time in the pages of Town & Country Magazine.

The Lyford style was very particular. Lyford was originally decorated by Lady Ann Orr-Lewis. 
E.P. Taylor, who founded the place in 1963, had a very grand vision. The idea that you could have a drawing room of this proportion in the Bahamas was just unheard of at the time.  
Mill Reef, in Antigua, and the other clubs were done on a much smaller scale.

 First impressions: Pickled "cypress" wallpaper, a dramatic corner mirror, and a fig leaf sofa in the entrance hall.

 The original decorating was very much the way you did things back then, lots of white, McGuire furniture, Chinese Chippendale, and palm tree motifs. 

The Drawing Room

They call it the Living Room.
The palms are painted on grass cloth that has been painted brown. The pattern is an adaptation of the tree of life taken from an antique document. It's not really a palm, not really a coconut, not really a banana. It gets the feeling across without being too obvious.

The heart of Lyford life, the Little Club is one of two restaurants where dinner is served.  Dancing follows, under the new pink and white tent added by Scheerer.

  1. A crazy quilt of fretwork in the pool dining area. This is a favorite place for breakfast.
  2. Tenting is one of Scheerer's major themes throughout the club. Here, the bar in the Little Club.
  3. Mobile devices are prohibited in common areas. This land line survives in the entrance hall.
  4. In the Yacht Club, blue and white and wicker feel classic, while mahogany "circle" tables freshen things up.
  5. Scheerer had white-painted tole palm fronds made for the entrance hall. They do everything but rustle.
  6. The club has its own lodgings, also newly refurbished. Only members and their guests may stay there.
  7. Pineapples are another theme of the redecoration. Scheerer added this finial to the top of the Little Club.
  8. More pineapples, this time above the Cabana Bar. The detailing is remarkable; note the leaf motif on the bar.
  9. An evening at Lyford often begins with meeting friends on the loggia at the Little Club.
  10. Always look up: another tent, this time in the Cabana Bar. The painting is in the style of Orville Bulman.
  11. What could be more appropriate than tavern chairs and blue and white striped linoleum in the Yacht Club?

Pink is the color of Lyford.
The suites where guests of members stay.

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Nita Stacy said...

What a gorgeous tropical retreat! I love every bit of it. I think my redone dining room has a bit of this feeling.

Unknown said...

I know someone who would love to go here!!!!! :)
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Such a beautiful post. I've got to get back to the Bahamas, it is one of my favorite places to go. These photos are calling to me!

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The perfect getaway...loving the pink and white tent!!

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That looks like a good place for a holiday!

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To DIE for...I want to be here now! xx