Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cottage Girls

This is the home of one of my very favorite dealers at The Alameda Pointe Antiques & Collectibles Fair.

 Her name is Jana and she is always my first stop at The Pointe every month!

She never ceases to amaze me with her quirky, organic, awe inspiring wares.

It's rare when I leave her space empty handed.

Well, earlier this month when we drove up to Roseville to pick up my Mom's new mangle I had the chance to pop into Jana's wonderful shop, Cottage Girls.


And wouldn't you know it... 
my camera/iphone was dead and I wasn't able to take any photos which was a huge disappointment.

The ever so lovely Jana offered to charge my phone but I didn't have time to wait so I made a promise that I would be back within the month.

As a consolation I talked her into emailing me some photos of her home.

Of course I've been insanely curious about what it looked like for years.

When you see someone who finds the most wonderful things month after month, you wonder what they covet and keep for themselves.

I just knew her home would be a treat, chock full of eye candy...

and I couldn't wait to see how she lived with and displayed her treasures.

Well, as you can see, she lives beautifully.

I adore the vignettes she's surrounded herself with.

She's my kind of gal, that Jana!

Cottage Girls

(916) 972-8515
5912 Palm Ave.
Carmichael, CA.

Check out the newest treasures at


Karena said...

Therese you aren't kidding. Ehat a treat to see such unique and interesting collectibles!!

Love Janna's taste!

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Art by Karena

Nita Stacy said...

I love love love that giant urn full of shells. Her whole house is fantastic. Loved seeing it. And yes, I want to see her store too.

Nutbird said...

Coat of Arms. Over the fireplace. I want.

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

I FINALLY get to see pics of Jana's house! FAB! Love that girl!

molly- See you downtown said...

I, too, am lusting over the coat of arms. How fabulous!

Unknown said...

I've been there and the pix dont do it justice. She is an amazing friend with impeccable taste!!! Thanks for sharing her with all of us - its awesome!!!