Monday, February 28, 2011

My Mom's Oscar Party

My Mom and her friends have been dressing up and throwing Academy Awards parties for as long as I can remember.

They alternate every year.

This year it was my Mom's turn again.

She always puts on the best parties!

She leaves no stone unturned when creating her party atmosphere.

I have wonderful memories of the many parties she's thrown over the years.

She's a real party girl... that Mom of mine!

What's most impressive, is that she does it all by herself!  

Everyone loves to come to her house, especially for a party.

This particular group has been doing this for close to 40 years!

It's become a tradition for them.

There is something life affirming to see a bunch of 60 and 70 year-olds dressing to the nines and celebrating the Oscars every year!

Once the nominations are announced...

My Mom sets out in earnest to see all the movies up for Best Picture.

Everyone votes and at the end of the evening the winner is announced.

Believe it or not, my husband and I have never been to one of these parties.

They are quite exclusive, although I'm pretty sure I could garner an invitation if I wanted to.

We are rather boring next to this group.

Each year, we stay home, get cozy on the couch, and actually watch the show.

I have to say, after this year's show, I'm thinking of partying with these guys next year!

Was it just me or did the Oscars fall flat this year?

I was bored.

I didn't even have a favorite dress!

And what about the hosts?

I didn't feel it this year.

I miss Jon Stewart, he's my all time favorite host.

  I picked The Kings Speech as Best Movie. 
I think there are just too many nominated now though...

What do you think?

 The best moment for me was seeing Colin Firth win Best Actor.

 I love that guy!

Wasn't his acceptance speech great?

 Those Brits are so witty!

I hope you enjoyed my Mom's Oscar Party!

She told me this morning they didn't leave until 10:30!!!  They must have had a really good time :)

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Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Okay, your Mom is the COOLEST! And her friends! I am oohing and aahing! I want an invite to her party. That red carpet and everyone dressed up to the great! Even if the actual show is terrible as it was last night, I would be up for Mom's party! WOW~

Nancy Elizabeth Carey said...

that's awesome! she is quite the party gal!! xoxo's nancy

lisa golightly said...

I think I LOVE your mother ! Can you give her my address and # for the next one ? She is my kinda girl !!!

The enchanted home said...

I totally love it! First what a beautiful home and what a beautiful mom you have! So wonderful..and you can see that they had a grand time...such a good idea. When I move I am having an Oscar party too. How fun! I would love to take some tips from your wonderful!

Kathysue said...

Good for you MOM, she is such a fashionista! A lady to be admired, that is for sure!! KS

Party Resources said...

How hip is your mom!!! I was at a really fun Oscar Party last night with lots of good friends and cocktails, but the show was awful - worst Oscars ever!

Tote said...

What a great party! Her house is beautiful too!

Nutbird said...

I love your Mom! Nuff said. Ann

Francine Gardner said...

That's the spirit!

Angie said...

Your Mom is so cute!

preppyplayer said...

I love all the details. That lady knows how to live!

quintessence said...

Your mom is AMAZING!!! I just love all that she does - between Christmas and this - where does she store everything??!!

Professor Fancy Pants said...

How cute!! Love it.

Stitchfork said...

And the Oscar goes to -- your MOM!!
xo Cathy

Gerry said...

Oh man! I want to be friends with your mom!

Unknown said...

Oh, your mom is SO cool!!! That an adorable party, complete with that red carpet!

I watched the entire thing...and vote for Robert Downey Jr to host it next year!

I adored Colin's acceptance speech, as well as the one by the director, Tom. The way his mom found the manuscript. It was just meant to be!!

xo Elizabeth

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Your mum is so sweet, she even lays out the red carpet, you have a hard act to beat my dear!!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I am over the moon impressed with your mom yet again. I have always wanted to throw an Oscar's party but my local friends would hardly, 'get-it'. I understand completely where you got your great style and your fun personality that shines through the computer screen Terri. I think our mothers would of adore each other, in fact I know it. Tell your mom she has killer legs!!

As for the Oscars, I enjoyed the opening lots and then the evening dwindled. I loved Kate Blanchett's dress, and like you, adored Colin's speech. He is so utterly charming.

Thanks for sharing your mom's fabulous event with us all. Big hug to you both xx Deb

Anonymous said...

My grandmother used to live in Alameda--what a wonderful place I wished I could have afforded to live there. Your mom reminds me so much of that era of folks, they really knew how to live. And that TV what a blast, my grandmother would have Breuners decorate her home but who cared about the TV, let's buy chanel makeup instead. Thanks for your blog, it reminds me of the bay area home I had to move away from.


That last line was SO funny!!! Looks like a "swell" party and your Mom sure does have style!

Beach House Living said...

How does she do it? First holiday and now the Oscars. Ok, how big is the storage shed to keep all the decor she has?