Saturday, January 15, 2011

They're Back!


My favorite way to start the weekend!

My brother and his wife surprised us and met us there!

 The best things I saw were

this gigantic slide rule

and this wonderful old trunk an early bird scored for $6 bucks!

My peeps
worked up an appetite so we headed off to...

Alice Water's "other" restaurant named after her daughter, Fanny.

We patiently waited in line and ordered poached eggs with prosciutto on leviathan bread and bowls of latte's with Strauss Dairy milk

We considered an order of beignets but decided to pass.

We waited patiently for our food to arrive...

and then after breakfast popped into

 the adjacent wine merchant

to check out their offerings

before bidding our good-byes.

How do you typically spend your Saturday mornings?


Anonymous said...

A perfect day! such wonderful weather too~

red ticking said...

what a perfect saturday morning... mine is usually watching food network and coffee in bed... my fav... ok, and my cherry poptart! xx

debra @ 5th and state said...

if really lucky, antiquing......the best weekend activity!
oh but to be in california, you seem to have the best out there
thanks for sharing

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I have my coffee or tea & breakfast and if I'm lucky there might be a tag sale or two.~Cheers Kim

Acquired Objects said...

I was off antiquing for the day and scored a few nice items but typically it's my day off from puppy duty and I like hanging out in my pajamas!Loooks like you had a nice Saturday too!


That looks like a fabulous day...good shopping...good people...good food! Life is good!!!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

What a fun and perfect day. You scored with your finds also. Hugs, Marty said...

Okay, it's official, I want your life on a Saturday morning!! I was living vicariously in these pictures!! You guys on the west coast have the. best. places. to go to!

Blondie's Journal said...

What a nice sale...I love that slide ruler! Breakfast looked wonderful!

Saturday mornings around here are very slow and relaxed...the afternoons are for getting out and about!


Pamela Hunt Lee said...

Every day is started with a huge latte delivered bedside by my husband; how fabulous is that? Then it is off to the easel for a few hours of painting.

On another note, your mother's hair is spectacular!

vignette design said...

The perfect day! I would do exactly what you did! In fact, if I can get moving, I'm going to the Candlestick Antique/Flea Faire today with best friend Maureen and her husband. Hope the weather is as nice as it was for you! Great post Terri. Looking forward to the White Elephant sale. I'm in!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Saturdays? Usually a private French lesson and then out to take photos, but I'll catch up with you for an outing like this... We will have the beignets!

Looks like great fun... love an estate sale but have not been to one in awhile


Mary Ann Pickett said...

That breakfast looks fantastic!
Mary Ann

Angie said...

My Saturday mornings are NO WHERE NEAR as great as yours!! I'm going to need to rethink how we spend them! ;) By the way- $6.00 for that trunk!?!?!?! Someone scored!