Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Please come in and make yourself at home!

I'd love to know your thoughts on these giant vintage gas station numbers (our address) I picked up a few years ago at The Alameda Point.
I finally convinced my husband to hang them in our walkway/entry.  He's not too sure about them, what do you think?
(We used to have a star jasmine growing up the wall hence the missing shutter which I need to replace!) 

Remember the greyhounds?
Well, my Mom was right.  I think they look great flanking the front door. 

It only took me a year to figure out I needed to raise the boxwood balls with a few bricks to get them to look right in the planters?!  Much better now!

 I caught tartan fever this year from reading the blog, Tartanscot.  I scored these cute plaid topsiders (an early Christmas present) at Ross a few weeks ago for $9.99!

We placed our tree in the Living Room just beyond the entry so you can actually see the white lights  from the street.  It's the next best thing to being in a big picture window which we don't have.

We haven't had a real tree in years.  I stuff ours with pinecones which gives it the look of the real thing.  My sister in law and I gathered tons of them one year in Tahoe and I haven't missed a real tree since!

A peek under the tree!

I love these delicate vintage glittered white birds that are made to sit atop the Christmas lights.  As you can see, they have an amazing glow

My Mom gave my 3 brothers and I these framed photos of Christmas past.  My youngest brother wasn't born yet!  I'm still traumatized by the way she cut my bangs.  Were any of you subjected to the same humiliation?

This special ornament commemorates the year my son became an altar boy.

OK, here's the scoop on the family photo ornaments...  several years ago we were in the Exposures catalog and were given a gift certificate in return.  I used it to make 4 of these ornaments which I truly treasure.

I usually fill this concrete urn with gold shells I found at Z gallerie, but this year I left them natural.
I actually didn't go all out this year with my decorating.  I think all the inspiration I've seen in blogland has been much more edited which I embraced... believe it or not!

My dear friend Kathysue calls my pinecones, "my winter shells".  I think she's right!

I embellished my angel with a crown and a vintage necklace.

Some of you may have noticed that I changed up the vignette under the huge glittered wreath that my aunt made many years ago.

The beautiful instrument is actually an antique music box that still works!

I found this vintage statue of Jesus just this past week at one of my favorite consignment stores.  My Mom said I needed a creche with the baby Jesus and I replied, but Mom, it's the Birthday Boy!

More "winter shells" in my Dining Room.

A few vintage shiny bright ornaments I've been collecting on my treasure hunts.

We have a white Christmas tree in a corner of our Family Room near the kitchen that glows next to the burlap covered walls. 

It's so beautiful on it's own that we don't adorn it with anything.

I've kept this room very simple this year.

I bought this pair of vintage bamboo ski poles last year at The Alameda Point.

A pair of canvas covered books, small vintage pierced compote with silvered walnuts and a lantern with a frosty bark candle from Pottery Barn.

Some "winter shells" in a pair of vintage black glass urns decorate the kitchen sink.

And guess who's coming home today?

My boy!!! 
I can hardly wait!


preppyplayer said...

Love the numbers! Tell your husband it is a courtesy to the over 40 crowd that can never see the numbers from the street :)
You home is glowingly beautiful AND I am sure it will be more so when your boy is home.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Love it all, from the house numbers to all the lovely birds and pinecones (a favorite of mine as well). I also have green trees in the living room and an all white tree in the kitchen but I decorate the white and leave the green - funny. It's really all quite lovely, next year you must come and do my house for me. My daughter arrives tonight as well - so excited!

Dovecote Decor said...

If I could just start my Christmas shopping, I'd pick up on the pine cone mofif!

Beach House Living said...

I've not decorated a thing! Everything looks very stylish and chic which is no surprise at all.

I like your birds. If the tree every gets up we stuff in pine cones too and have a good number of white birds.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

You've made your home perfect for the holidays, Terri! I really like the numbers you used on the outside, too. A big festive hug from the UK! xo

vignette design said...

Wow Terri, what a fabulous tour! Everything looks so wonderful! Love it all!
Enjoy your boy--mine gets home Saturday! Yay!

Acquired Objects said...

I'm over forty and need things big to see them better, keep the numbers. Your home is beautiful and glad for you your boy is home for the holidays.

Patti's Artful Design said...

Ready for the holidays.....everything looks lovely! And...I love the larger-than-life address numbers! Happy holidays to you and your family, Terri

Anonymous said...

LOVE the big numbers! and all your decorations look so warm and welcoming...

Blondie's Journal said...

I like the numbers a lot...very stylish! And the greyhounds are fabulous by the door.

Love all of your decorations, the pine cones and the urns, all done very nicely! Thanks so much for sharing!


quintessence said...

Oh Terri - your house looks spectacular!! Every corner radiates festive beauty!! And I love how your entrance looks - your mother was indeed right about the dogs and you did a great job with the topiaries!! My hat is off to you!!

Unknown said...

You have such a beautiful entry way. And, would you believe....I was looking at those same greyhounds! I was going to perch them inside my front doorway!! :)

You need to stop by - you're the winner and thus the guest of honor on my blog today! xoxo elizabeth

Party Resources said...

You have been one busy elf! This looks amazing and I will be there in time for the 25th! xx

Tuuli - Lumo Lifestyle said...

I love the numbers, don't take them down!!! All your decorations look lovely. Enjoy your son's home coming.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

I love the large numbers. Oh Terri, your home looks so beautiful...so warm and welcoming. I see you and I share a love of pinecones and birds. The greyhounds with ribbons look so festive to greet your guests, especiallly your son! Your angel collection is gorgeous. I love the picture of you and your brothers. And yes, my mom humiliated me with those bangs too! I know you are excited to have your son home again for Christmas vacation. Enjoy!

All About Vignettes said...

I can totally relate to the short bangs. My Mom kept saying that she had to trim a little more to straighten them out. One time they got so short I held them back with a headband until they grew long enough. I have a very similar photo.

BTY love the decorating. If you get a chance check out my posting about Florentine Boxes. I have an angel in my decor too.

I'm going to look for some greyhounds.

Enjoy your son.

Kathysue said...

Hi Terri, I sent you an email about this post. Oh my it is so, so very lovely. I think you captured the essence my dear of your warm and inviting home. It is almost as good as being there except in blog land I can't get a great Terri hug!! I figured out how I can come to your blog without interference from the blog Gods so now I don't get shut down every time I come here, Yay!!xoxo Kathysue

Linda in AZ * said...

*** Terri, EVERYTHING looks absolutely BEAUUUTIFUL~~~ and UNdoubtedly even MORE so when your son arrives... I can picture the beam on your face & sparkle in your eyes as I write!

Wonderful home... wonderful blog today!

Llinda in AZ *

Acanthus and Acorn said...

It all looks wonderful! I think we even have the same pinecone small tree(from C&B?)...so from one pinecone addict to another...I wish I could see it all in person!

ceecee said...

Everything looks so festive and fun. What a lucky boy to have such warmth and holiday beauty to come home to!
Happy Holidays, Terri...

Privet and Holly said...

Yay, your boy
is home!!! And
WHAT a home he is
coming to....If
this is your idea
of a "lite" Christmas
look, then mine is
positively bare bones.
We'll be traveling
so I didn't go all out.
Next year! Love how
beautiful it all
looks, Terri!
xx Suzanne

Pamela Hunt Lee said...

The house numbers just scream, 'dramatic simplicity'! Love the look.

Angie said...

It all looks amazing and I LOVE the house numbers!!!!!

lvroftiques said...

I love the numbers and all your Christmas decor! And especially the two greyhounds flanking your front door. I have a set of them too, only mine are lying down. Everything looks picture perfect! Great job! Oh I also find myself peering into the pictures for more glimpses of your beautiful candelabra *winks* Vanna

Lisa Porter said...

The best ornaments of a house are those who live there. Your's will shine for sure!
Wishing you a very merry Christmas!