Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some Recent Finds

Set of 10 French Bowling Pins

Hand carved woodblock

Old cigar box

Ship Silhouette

Amazing hand colored photo.
On the back it reads, Ethel Elspeth 4/16/1899

Miniature Mary & Joseph statues

Vintage literary classics

Pair of vintage Dalmatian dog figurines

A wonderful old spigot

Vintage St. Francis of Assisi

A beautiful  piece of hand blown french opaline

A beautifully framed ancient holy card and an old silver ship box

A 1950's shell lady

Antique Chinese tea caddy & spoon
(over 100 yrs. old, the faces of the figures are made of ivory)

Antique ink well

Pair of shell encrusted vases

Pair of sterling topped perfume bottles marked Birmingham England

Set of 3 Bamboo Cachepots

Set of 4 Tiffany & Co. Cachepots

As always, email me if you are interested in any of my treasures.


Tiffany Kadani said...

Amazing finds! I love how special each piece is. Such a window to a time before.

Tuuli x Lumo Lifestyle said...

I have a similar vintage India printing block bought by Husband on our honeymoon in Calistoga.

I love also the Vintage St. Francis of Assisi and the Asian tea caddy.

Susan said...

wow, some great finds! :)

Acquired Objects said...

You've been busy shopping and found some great finds!

Jennifer and Austin said...

These finds are great, especially the French bowling pins...But what we really love is the image of the Sutro Baths in the background!

Unknown said...

When I was little I used to collect those little shell dolls from trips to the Shore with my parents...that really took me back! Have you seen Ann Carrington's giant versions? Worth googling....and as to all the rest...WOW! You have an amazing eye lady!

M said...

You get -- and deserve -- the award for most patina and charm in a single post. (I want those bowling pins!!)

Beach House Living said...

Those sterling topped perfume bottles are beautiful. This is a most intriguing collection of finds.

Unknown said...

Oh my....such lovely treasures!!! How do you not keep it all?!!! :)
So wishing you could join us here in November!!!!
xoxo E

La Petite Gallery said...

Just thinking they look like printing blocks, maybe fabric? Let me know what you do with the bowling pins. I couldn't pass up the dogs,
wonderful treasures.


cjsullivan133 said...

I love your recent finds Terri. Especially the photo and the painting you set up as a back-drop! Killer!
Call me when you can!