Friday, October 29, 2010

Is It Just Me...

or is this guy GORGEOUS?

I'd never heard of or seen him before last night!

I had a hard time concentrating on my beloved Giants because of him!

I even found myself silently rooting for him!

I definitely did not want to see him yanked

because of a blister!

Now, I'm completely smitten!

 I didn't see that coming!
Go Rangers?!
(Just Joking!!!)


Kathysue said...

He is definitely in the pretty boy category!!! No switching teams though!!!! Go Giants!!

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Oh dear Terri, so this is what happens when sons leave home, mothers start getting restless and develop a wandering eye. I think your husband needs to know about this post!
Have a great weekend


jeanette from everton terrace said...

Not just you. Nope, he's swoon worthy indeed. Of course his girlfriend is a SI swimsuit model.

M said...

The guy's a BASEBALL player? He looks like one of the cuties in the hot-spots around town over here in Europe's urban centers. Bohemian-and-surfer chic. Great taste! :-)

Privet and Holly said...

Oh my, La D
is going Courgartown!!!
He is a cutie!
Actually, I just
popped over from
Elizabeth's to see
how your own sweet
boy is doing. So
sorry to read that
he is under the
weather!! I'm sure
a big dose of Mom
and Dad will help,
though. Take care,
xx Suzanne

Privet and Holly said...

PS: Meant to spell
XX s.

Anonymous said...

They are all beginning to look gorgeous to me - an academic interest only, of course...

Kat said...

NOW do you understand why I love Texas :) Kat

Beach House Living said...

Now, now dearie try to remain seated and not strain your neck.

Anna White said...

THERESE.....HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA...youve just knocked me off my that is what I call perfections...DEEEEEEEELICIOUS!!

Carol S. said...

Extremely good looking, in I'd like to know you better way

Bigio said...

Ahahah! You're so funny, I like your blog!

Acquired Objects said...

Funny, he is nice looking but to young for my taste. He looks like a young Richard Gere in that first picture....yummy!

Unknown said...

Ha! Love it! xx

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Triggered a warm feeling all over or that just a hot flash? YUM!

Splendid Willow said...

Thank you for sending some great eye candy my way! (:

Love to you & happy weekend,


Puppy day care said...

He is adorable! Sad to say, even being from Dallas, I don't watch baseball. However, rooting for the Rangers as this is a big deal for them.

vignette design said...

You are so funny. Yea, he's gorgeous, but he's no Giant! Finally home from Italy and watching the game live this Saturday and they're down 3-0. Darn! Let's go Giants!

Silvia C said...

Ah, hot. Agreed.

Unknown said...

I hear you! I want to love him for his talent....but his look are distracting me. Last night, my boys made a comeback. You're up for now....but there are 6 innings to go. My neighbors are from SF and have their Giants flag flying today. Love a good match up. xo E

sealaura said...

No, it seems like it is definely not just you. What a hottie! My B is from Texas so naturally go rangers!

Anonymous said...

Omg so hot! Not as hot as Chris, though!