Sunday, October 3, 2010


  A hassock is essentially the same thing as a footstool or ottoman, a small, cushioned piece of furniture that serves as a footrest or small seat. The word hassock is of English origin and also refers to a cushion used in churches to kneel on when praying. A hassock can also mean a small, dense, tuft of grass that forms a hillock or tussock. The words hassock, footstool, and ottoman can be properly interchanged in most situations, except for when referring to a grassy area.

 In the home, a hassock or ottoman is a separate piece of furniture. Usually upholstered in leather or upholstery fabric, a hassock can be moved about the room and placed in front of any other piece of furniture to use as a footstool. The function of a hassock is to provide a comfortable padded place to prop up the feet.

 I'm loving the Pop of color they provide in these rooms.

 They are so versatile.

They are like punctuation marks

 or pieces of candy

 placed about the room!

 I'm especially loving what they bring to this room in particular.  The bright shot of color along with the relaxed Moroccan vibe really provides the tension that makes this room so wonderful.

I picked up this pair of authentic Moroccan hassocks this weekend at an estate sale.
Email me for pricing and details if you are interested.

What treasure did you find this weekend? 


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Fun to see what you picked up at the estate sale this weekend, Terri. Loving the burnt orange hues of those hassocks - thanks for posting! xo

Stacey said...

Being Jamaican, i grew up using the term hassock and not ottoman. I enjoyed the variety of hassocks that you featured and of course all the colours! XX

Cashon&Co said...

girl, this was a FUN post. love the history too, as i didn't know that word.
you got a great pair of poufs, i need to go check out your treasures for sale right now. i picked up some fun things, one of my faves though was a cluster of grapes in amethyst.

La Petite Gallery said...

The power blue abd green room were nice.
They do come in handy.


Pretty Zesty said...

They are really cute!

Beach House Living said...

I'm glad to finally learn these are all one and the same hassock and ottoman. So where does a pouf fit in? said...

i love these little bundles... so fun... hope you had a wonderful weekend...

Shorely Chic said...

beauty!! they are so cute, the perfect little 'poof'

Anonymous said...

So what's the difference between an "estate sale" and a "garage sale" or "yard sale"? The prices are higher?

La Dolfina said...

Hi Anonymous,

An estate sale is usually held by a professional "estate sale company" who is hired to clear the contents of a home, usually after the death of the occupant. The items for sale range from high end antiques to garage tools and kitchenware. Each company prices differently. Some estate sales are priced high while others price things to sell in a weekend. They can run the gamut, but you can always find something you love in your price range since there is so much. I hope this has helped clarify things for you :)

Unknown said...

Fun to see what you picked up at the estate sale this weekend, Terri. Loving the burnt orange hues of those hassocks - thanks for posting!
Delores Ensley