Friday, September 3, 2010

Vote for Tricia!

One of our favorite bloggers, Tricia Rose, currently has her Rough Linen featured on Apartment Therapy's Design Showcase.

Click here to vote for her and don't forget to leave a comment!  I was fortunate to see her gorgeous bedding in person last week at Saffron & Genevieve in Santa Cruz.  It feels as lovely as it looks... definitely rates a 3 in my book!

Today is the last day to vote, please support the lovely and talented Tricia Rose.

(Tricia's bedding at Saffron & Genevieve in Santa Cruz)

There are so many influences on Rough Linen.
I have always wanted to recreate the linens from my grandmother’s house in Scotland and from vintage textiles I found in France.  It took years of searching to discover the traditionally woven coarse linen fabric I use in my range of bedding.      I have always gravitated to natural fabrics: wool, cotton, linen. For years I lived near Ian Mankin’s iconic shop in Primrose Hill in London and loved every fabric he stocked, including a double-width linen sheeting now sadly discontinued. Ian’s natural weaves and stripes are timeless.

Working with beautiful materials has simplified my taste and complicated my life, because I am always looking for the definitive texture, or weave, or color. When I found this linen I recognized its beauty immediately, and as I work with it I appreciate its virtues more and more: easy care, relative stability, strength, straight grain, wonderful texture.

I always cut to the thread for accuracy and fold the fabric as precisely as origami before sewing so my minimal seaming is exact. I sew French seams on the horizontal for strength and neatness, and overcast raw seams. I use the selvedges whenever I can.

Gutermann thread, YKK invisible zippers, and the simplest buttons – but the search and the temptation goes on. I am still trying to find a finer textured wide linen sheeting here in the US, but no luck so far. One day.


vignette design said...

I am in love with her linen. She has my vote!

Privet and Holly said...

Oh, I will! I just
discovered her myself,
recently and think her
linens are wonderful.
I wanted you to know that
your little package arrived
yesterday and I've stowed
it away for the big day....
Thank you again for finding
it for me/him!
Have a lovely long weekend.
xx Suzanne

Pamela Hunt Lee said...

Love the little flowers on the duvet cover...joyous!

dovecote Decor said...

Your Coral Candle giveaway is featured on my new page of my newly designed blog roll. I hope my friends entered! Yes, I'll vote for those amazing linens. Thanks for the nod in her direction.

Mona Thompson said...

What gorgeous linens. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have a lovely friend whose name was Mona Catherine Margaret Thompson: she married a man called Way, so had to hyphenate.....

What a good friend you are Terri!