Friday, August 20, 2010

Saffron & Genevieve

The next time you are in Santa Cruz

you won't want to miss this shop after seeing these photos!

Saffron & Genevieve is also home to the owner, Scarlett Fiona Reed's, interior design business.

Her stunning vignettes are a testament to her talent!

Shell tassels that just came in!  Of course I couldn't resist them.

Saffron & Genevieve carries Rough Linen by one of my favorite local bloggers Tricia Rose.  If you are not familiar with her lovely blog click here to visit Cabin on the Water.

My friend purchased these amazing grey flowers made out of the softest neoprene!

My lovely Mom taking it all in.

Now you have another reason to visit Santa Cruz!
Hope you enjoyed all the eye candy! 

  Check out out the latest treasure just posted at Il Tuo Tesoro



Marie said...

What a charming shop!:D

***** Marie *****

Hamptontoes said...

I absolutely love the black, bamboo frames in the beginning of the post.

Kathysue said...

Hi Terri, What a fun shop!! You took some great photos. I loved the Santos. I saw lots of wonderful things in there for your home, hope you brought home a treasure or two. Hugs Kathysue

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

What a wonderful shop! Thanks for the 'heads up'! I'm due for a trip to Santa Cruz!!!

Beach House Living said...

Another wonderful place. How is Mom doing by the way?

Anonymous said...

I lust after just about every adorable item in Scarlett's shop, she has such a discerning eye! things you can't find anywhere else - and I love her furniture, such elegant chairs and small European sofas...
and thanks for the mention Terri!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh what a fabulous shop. I see so many beautiful things and such gorgeous eye candy. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

1 Funky Woman said...

Hello my friend! I miss you and I'm drooling over this shop. I see some wonderful things that look like you! I love seeing your mom sitting there!

Amy was going to call you yesterday but forot your number. She went shopping in Alameda and went to the Historical Society and now George is her new buddy.

Today was my birthday and I wish I was there this week shopping at all your hot spots!

Xoxo Megan

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Stunning pictures and stunning shop. I especially loved the desk and all the furniture.
Thanks so much for sharing all the beautiful treasures.

Privet and Holly said...

Funny, I was just
telling my own lovely
mama TODAY about how
YOU always post on the
most unique little shops ~
And here you go, again!
I would definitely have
to have the Kathysue plan
going when I stepped in
here ~ index cards to keep
me focused on what I need : )
Love how whimsical this
sweet store is! Off to
check out Il T....
xx Suzanne

Kifus said...

Ahh I so wish there was a shop like this one where I live.. but no luck! What a lot of great stuff, all in one place.

Congrats on your blog, it´s lovely.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Charming and very inviting. I love that bowl of starfish. I've got mine mixed with other shells but they are quite sculptural all togther like that.

La Brocanteuse said...

Hello Terri,
I would love to visit this store, I can see why you had to share it with us. Thank you. enjoy your weekend. Colette xo

Angie said...

Amazing photos!! I love that you and your Mother always Treasure hunt together! ;)

Unknown said...

I adore virtual shopping trips with you, and this gorgeous shop is no exception...glad to see that your Mom looks like her lovely self, and that she is right back to accompanying you! Hopefully one day I can not only visit this shop, but treasure hunt with you in person!

lisa golightly said...

So very whimsical and extraordinary !!! I hear there's some great places to shop in Santa Cruz ... a place that used to be my stomping grounds ! So overdue for a little trip !

Burlap Luxe said...

Ms. "T"
This post is over the top!!!

I WOULD VISIT EVERY OTHER WEEKEND and then head over to Soquel for GREAT! mexican food yummers:)

I SOOOO! ENVY YOU GIRL! I so miss my life in the Bay Area.
Yet you give me a little of it back through your postings...Keep inspiring us :)
See you soon!
I am going to check in with this post off and on all weekend to take more of it in :)

Consorting With The Sea said...

Wow! Therese, I have to go shopping with you! Just added your wonderful blog to mine! ;>

Theresa Cheek said...

Next time I am in Santa Cruz, I am definitely checking this out! Wonderfully eclectic.

Cashon&Co said...

Confucious... I mean Kellie ... SAY.,......

I see Ms. Therese of La Dolfina having a shop JUST LIKE THIS in her near future..... I see Friends of Ms. Therese of La Dolfina come from far far away to visit and shop at this store.... I see this shop verrry verry successful.... I see it so successful that Ms. Dolfina buy Large Fancy House in Lake Tahoe... I see blogging friends from Far Far away visit such said Fancy House in Lake Tahoe... I see many many parties evolve from Ms. Therese's fortune made by her fabulous store, on a fabulous street, with fabulous stuff.....Ms. Therese already has a name and wonderful items for this store on-line, but I see big boutique opening. I see Ms. Cashon as first customer. Lucky customer who already love her greek plates and alabaster egg she buy from La Dolfina, but want to buy more....
......okayyyyy, that was the longest fortune i've ever read! The fortune cookie that it came in is reallllllly big....

Scarlett Fiona Reed said...

Wow, thanks so much! Your photos look great, you have an eye! I really really appreciate the wonderful post. If Confucius is correct, I can't wait to see what wonderful things you do in your shop! It was SO good to finally meet you, you are even more lovely in person, if that's possible :)
Talk soon,