Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shell Shock

Conchological Curiousities

by Patrick Mauries

I thought I died and went to heaven when I found this book!


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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My New Companion Blog

 "Your Treasure"  in Italian.

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Friday, June 25, 2010


This space pays homage to the collections that Lisa & her husband have spent a lifetime together gathering. 

What is most remarkable  about this space are the beautifully edited vignettes and displays that Lisa has created without making the room feel cluttered and confused.

This is a wonderful opportunity to study the art of arrangement.

Take it slow and give your eye a moment to take in the placement of the larger pieces, the furniture and case goods, and how they are brought to life by the accessories and collections that surround them.

We all love to collect.

It's true.

But how many of us can really put our collections together in such a way as to really show them off to their best advantage?

It's always been a challenge for me.

Lisa tells me it takes practice.

I think she's a born stylist.


Although I do believe practice makes perfect,

along with studying and training your eye.

And because I'm a Virgo, I'm naturally obsessed with details.

So consequently I take a lot of photos.

Lisa recently had slip covers made for all her upholstered pieces out of vintage grain sacks.  They came out beautifully!

Three or more make a collection... and an impact!

Her sterling silver and antique box collections are stand outs!

Blue & White is always right.

Patina gives a room life!

Silver weaves a theme throughout.

So artfully arranged.  Not as easy as it looks!

Isn't this succulent arrangement fabulous?

A stunning combination of blue & white, silver, and antique burl wood.  All three elements arranged together in a stunning table top vignette.

A running theme...

but all uniquely combined, arranged and placed about.

Here we have strength in numbers!

A tight shot of one of the vintage grain sack slip covers.

Another view of the table top vignette.  Notice the interplay between the blue & white lamp, flow blue dishes and the pale blue silk of the antique burl wood box.



Same theme, a different arrangement.


The gorgeous flower arrangement adds so much!

Looking up from below.

Yet another wonderful succulent arrangement.

Above and to the left is the office I showed you on the first level.  It overlooks this light filled space.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a photo of the large picture window which is really the dramatic focal point of this room.

This was the best I could do in capturing a small part of the large picture window and it's dramatic views.

 This concludes the tour of lovely Lisa's special home.