Saturday, May 29, 2010

I love this!

I am absolutely smitten with my latest thrift store find.

 As shell obsessed as I am, finding something this unique

rates pretty high!

It was my first time to this particular thrift store.

When I brought it up to the counter to pay the $14.99 they had me reach into a jar to pull out a slip of paper for a discount of anywhere from 10% to 50%

It truly was my lucky day as these lovlies ended up costing $7.50!

I'm curious...
has anyone ever seen anything like this before?  Discoveries like this are what make treasure hunting so exciting!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Favorite Treasure from the Brocante

Allow me to introduce you to Christopher Low

a most unique artist.

His quirky pieces caught my attention

and captivated my imagination.

They brought a smile to my face.

The owner of Chateau Sonoma bought this one for her lobbyist husband first thing in the morning.

I was completely smitten with this modern day folk artist!

I wanted to know more about the person who created these wonderful pieces!

He introduced himself and proceeded to tell me that he simply collected old toys and things and put them together.

They evolved out of his imagination.

I discovered that my favorite dealer, Coco is a fan and owns several of his pieces.

I knew I wouldn't be leaving without one...

... but which one?

Fortunately it wasn't a difficult choice.

This pair of French men stole my heart

and now reside in my kitchen where they make me smile day in and day out!

And in keeping with the French theme of the day...  I picked up this well worn set of Le Creuset and vintage mandolin at a thrift store on the way home!

Rain Rain Go Away

Don't you know it's almost Summer!

We heard this is the last of it...  I sure hope so.  We are hoping to put up our tented pavilion over Memorial Day Weekend.

Good-bye Spring ~ Bring on Summer!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Brocante at Chateau Sonoma

Enjoy the show!

Tomorrow a few more photos from inside Chateau Sonoma and a peek at what I took home!