Friday, April 9, 2010

Thrifting in the Desert

Thrifting with Eddie and Jaithan is quite an experience!

Eddie's razor sharp focus and ability to zero in on a treasure is seriously amazing.

I thought I was good until I spent several hours thrift store hopping with him.

I gave up after a while content to scoop up his cast-offs...  the things he wasn't willing to schlep home with him on the plane.

He and Jaithan seriously considered this table for Jaithan's parents home in San Diego but in the end decided against it.

I was amazed at how thoroughly Eddie would check out the merchandise.

He encouraged me to buy this cool piece which he said would be fabulous mounted above a bed with fabric draping from it.

I mostly followed Eddie around while Jaithan, who has the patience of Job, would wander off to tweet or check out the vintage clothing.

He told me this lamp would be great painted all one color.  Later we saw one just as he had envisioned it, complete with a hefty price tag!

I thought this set of vintage brass legs were nice.

We hit up 5 or 6 individual thrift stores in this thrift store mall in Palm Desert before heading out in search of more.

We stumbled upon a garage sale in Rancho Mirage.

The setting was beautiful but I think we were a bit late to the party and left empty-handed.

These vintage garden chairs were intriguing

as was this old sign.

 We jumped back into the car and headed to Palm Springs to check out "The Estate Sale Company."

E+J had heard a lot about this place and were anxious to see what they had.

Right away Mr. Ross was on the prowl.

This rug stopped him in his tracks and he called Jaithan over to seek his opinion.

Inside the first of several buildings...

which was filled with the unique and unusual pieces Palm Springs is known for. 

Eddie said he'd ditch the chairs of this Dining Room set and use the table as a desk.

He loved this pair of brass lamps.

On our way to the second building we passed by some outdoor furniture and this aviary housing doves.

Eddie made sure he saw it all!

He even found a friendly armadillo.

The best deal was this chandelier.

The price was just over $300!  The photo does not do it justice... it was stunning!

Of course no shopping trip would be complete without  an appearance by La Dolfina!


Hamptontoes said...

I'm sitting here relaxing after a busy week before I call it a night and just loved reading over this post. It was fun to see what you were up to with the talented Eddie Ross! Oh, it looks like so much fun. Eddie appears serious when he is on the hunt...not letting anything escape his eyes. I'm must join him on one of his adventures. Fun post...have a great weekend!

Kerry said...

Whoa...that was almost as good as a documentary! How I wish I'd been jealous of the amazing opportunities on offer in your neck of the woods...nothing like that going on here I'm afraid!

La Dolfina said...

Miss Hamptontoes, you are so right about Eddie being serious when he is on the hunt and yet Jaithan is totally laid back and incredibly patient. They really do make a great team! You absolutely must meet up with them one day... you would love each other :)

Kathysue said...

Hi Terri, Oh to be there must have been such fun. I have shopped with you and you are amazing so I know Eddie has to be something to beat you!! I love to sit back and watch the Masters!! Glad to see you back in blogland!xo Kathysue

Unknown said...

Too totally green with jealousy over this whole post to even COMMENT! Haven't even really dealt with my envy issues over whole Parker Palm Springs...and now THIS!!!aaarrrrrhhhgggghhhh (apparently turning into a pirate as well!)

Tracy Watier said...

A thrift store MALL? In Palm Desert? Details, please. I'd heard about The Estate Sale but haven't been. It looks great. Glad you had such a fun time! Did the dolfina come home with you?

lisa golightly said...

Ok, this is getting ridiculous ... What's next ? Kelly Wearstler giving you a foot massage at the Viceroy ? Seriously, this is the most fab trip ever and I'm eating up each and every picture ! Just bought one of those little french soldier bottles so I'm feeling kind of cool now too. xoxo Lisa

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Wow, Terri, looks like you had a blast in Palm Springs! I'm confused...did you go there with Eddie Ross? How cool is that?

Holly said...

Thanks for taking us along! Last time I was there, I was lost in The Estate Sale Company for nearly an entire day... where else can you find that kind of selection under one (well maybe more than one) roof? Need a truck...

Tuuli - Lumo Lifestyle said...

What a great day! Love those brass legs.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that boy can shop!! Fun post... have a great weekend. :)

A Perfect Gray said...

oh my gosh, that was great! know you guys had a great time. thanks for letting us tag along, even if we can only come virtually....such fun!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I so enjoy thrift shopping along with the three of you. What cool, cool weekends you have Terri.I would have bought everything you showed which just goes to show you, I would not be the a master huntress at this. Everything has potential looking at it all from here. That's it.....I am moving to CA so I can have fun weekends too. XO

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Oh Terri to be in the presence of you three in PS on a hunt would be chart topping for me. You are so sweet. The Estate Sale Co. is a scream. My husband hates scouring & I typically only got to be in there for 20 min.'s or so at a pop. / : I've snuck into so many abandoned buildings & houses that were eventually torn down that should of been saved, such as the Biltmore (jumped a chain link fence for that sneak peek!) The architecture and design had never changed & was like being in a time machine. Just so fascinating. Eddie & Jaithan are such a terrific team, and you my dear are their muse. Thanks for sharing your fun.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

oops forgot the xxoo, I was so excited to click!
Glorious weekend to you Terri!

Noel Solomon said...

These photos are GREAT! haha, I love them. He is so serious isn't he!? I feel like you can call him name and he wouldn't have a clue. :-))) It's the best when you're on the hunt.

AND, that dove! I LOVE that photo Terri!

hugs! Noel

Beach House Living said...

Thanks for letting me tag along for another shopping trip. It is interesting to see how others look at things. I would have scooped up a few of those items...Love the dove photo.

Angie said...

Looks like a great weekend!

Privet and Holly said...

Oh my goodness, my mom and I went to the Estate Sale company on April 1st, before we went our separate ways home!!! I even stopped to look at the very soup tureen ~ isn't it gorgeous? If I lived in PS I would most certainly visit again to fill up the sweet little cottage that I would most surely have : ) We were more on the prowl for china and silver....did they have those at the mall in Palm Dessert? Fun stuff--thanks for sharing!

ceecee said...

I think you live in thrifting heaven. Amazing stuff. I would have zapped up that gold 'over the bed' topper too. My kind of weekend, Terri.

Cashon&Co said...

My TWO favourite pieces were that silver dress....oh my, I can totally imagine wearing that. Gorgeous...and that rug with the blue border. OOOOHHH! But that dolphin compote was beautiful too! That looks like the best day. I love doing things like that. I am serious when I say that shopping fleamarkets/estatesales/consignment stores and finding that diamond in the rough is one of the most fun feelings!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We're totally reliving how much fun we had thrifting in the desert with you, Terri! If only we could do it more often! Thank you to you and your hubby (such a kind and patient soul...not to mention a fantastic cook) for bringing a little more sun into our lives!

E +J

Karena said...

The only thing better than an afternoon workshop with Eddie and Jaithan would be a day thrifting!! How fun!

I Will have a facsinating interview up on my site tomorrow, come visit.

Art by Karena

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Goodness me it looks like you guys had SUCH fun! I love those brass lamps...need to get me a pair of them!

Lovely Little Nest said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous time together! So many great thrift store finds ~ I'm jealous!

Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

wow, what a treat! I am the worst thrifter ever... just can't focus the way he can.

pve design said...

What a wonderful time scouting with the eagle eyes of Eddie and Jaithan. Scouting is so much more fun en masse.
What a treat!