Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer House

After the estate sale we made our way back down

to the picturesque town of Sausalito.


I lived in Marin County back in the 1970's with my Father after my parents divorced.

We lived in Mill Valley, which is where we headed next.

As you enter Mill Valley you drive past Mt. Tamalpias High School where I attended my freshman year.

After a lunch of jalapeno & pear flatbread and arugula salad we headed over to Summer House  

Summer House actually has 2 stores in Mill Valley, not too far apart from each other...

We were greeted at the door by Lewis. 
Apparently everyone in Mill Valley knows Lewis.

Astier de Villatte French Pottery

If you find yourself in or near Mill Valley you really should visit Summer House...  it's pretty great!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something Different

"Hi All,
A little something different this week.
We are selling some beautiful furnishings at a home in Sausalito.
Tomorrow Wed. and Thurs. from 11-4.
Featuring Ralph Lauren, Kreiss, Century, Williams Sonoma, Herend, faience, wonderful art and much much more!"

This was the email I received last night from my favorite Estate Sale Company.  This was a first for me as I've never attended an estate sale in the middle of the week!   I called my partner in crime, (my Mom), and we made plans to be in Sausalito by 11:00 this morning.

We didn't quite make it by 11:00.  We got lost.

But after navigating some very tight and windy roads and taking in some of the most spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay we finally arrived at our destination.

And let me tell you... it was worth the trouble!

These stairs were off to the right of The Entry.

This sculpture greeted you at the Front Entrance.

This spectacular multi-million dollar home was all about the views!

There was an elevator to take you to the 2nd level.


That's Sam, who ran the sale, chatting with Isaac, a fellow "estate sale junkie."

The sale was contained to just several rooms on this level

Most of the items were in the loggia.

 Close-up of one of the three chandeliers.

There was lots of eclectic art

and Herend figures.

A Pair of Ralph Lauren chairs.

The Dining Room

Love the ceiling!


The Kitchen

Great chandelier!

Does anyone know what this is?

That's a pool beyond the table & chairs.
The nook

Amazing set of chairs by Oscar de la Renta.

A cozy nook off the kitchen/nook for watching TV.
A pair of pillows I picked up.

The rest was roped off.

But we managed to...

 poke our heads into the Living Room to try and take a photo of this gorgeous room with it's breathtaking views of The Golden Gate Bridge!
The weather was inclement today so I apologize that I wasn't able to capture the million dollar view.

We bid our good-byes to Mary (in the middle) thanking her for an amazing sale and headed back downstairs...

where someone couldn't help herself...

 find out what was in that fabulous mirrored closet!


That was quite an ESTATE sale!