Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring has sprung

After my fun and fruitful day at the Piedmont Community Church Garage Sale last weekend I really wanted to go back and take a leisurely walk around the beautiful neighborhoods that give Piedmont it's reputation as one of the most desirable places to live in the SF Bay Area.

Piedmont is only about a 20-30 minute ride to San Francisco depending on traffic.
Many of the homes have commanding views of downtown Oakland, Lake Merritt, and the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Even though our weather has been gorgeous, it is still a bit hazy.

 Spectacular views of Lake Merritt.

My Mom and Dad would drive up here as teenagers and dream about how one day they would live in Piedmont and raise a family.

Piedmont is known for it's mansions,

but what I love most about Piedmont is the beautiful landscaping!

I've never seen such attention to detail and meticulous landscape maintenance anywhere!

Piedmont has a thing for tulips in the Spring.

There are lots of dramatic entry's.

But what makes Piedmont so unique...

are settings like this...

that look right out of a fairytale.

This vintage beauty sits smack dab in the middle of this bucolic setting!

A peak into the entry.

Thanks for coming along on my walk today :)


Shorely Chic said...

wowee!! your pictures never cease to amaze me!

A Perfect Gray said...

that was wonderful! loved one of the first shots of the vine-covered steps. and the moss between those stepping stones...lovely. I've never been to your area so that was a great treat! thanks.

Unknown said...

Wow! Beautiful entry ways and great photography! Love those crazy geometric fun!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Theresa I'll go along for a walk with you any day. Piedmont is absolutely divine. I love the fact your parents would dream about raising a family in that neighborhood. Everything about it is really dreamy. A real delight to see, thank you!!

Kat said...

What a gorgeous neighborhood. The views are amazing, but I agree the landscaping really makes this area special. I love that last shot of the pavers with the moss between them. Just beautiful. Kathy

Tracy Watier said...

How beautiful. I've been thinking about getting out for a walk myself to get some inspiration for my own entry and garden. Thanks for giving me a head start with yours!

Kathysue said...

Hi Terri, I love Piedmont and you are right it is so amazing and the homes are only in most peoples dreams including mine. Beautiful landscape and what a fun walk. I loved all the neat doors. So pretty!! xo kathysue

Beach House Living said...

Thanks for another lovely walk. Piedmont does have some of the most beautiful landscaping I've seen.