Friday, March 26, 2010

Recent finds

Thought I'd share some treasures I've found recently. 

The dolphin is a brooch that is made to sit on your shoulder.

I've never come across such an unusual plant stand.  I wasn't too thrilled with the circle of finials around the top at first.  It wasn't until I got it home that I really fell in love with it!

I found this pair of glass cubes with soldered copper edges containing these gorgeous butterfly specimens.

I think they were originally displayed on tiny glass stems which have fallen down.

They are still lovely as is.

This is a classic brass magazine holder from Breuners.

I love how reflective the shiny brass surface is.

I found this cool burlap wrapped lamp at The White Elephant Sale.

It features Picasso's Blue Period.

I scored the perfect lampshade today at Marshall's!
I need to find a smaller harp but it's the perfect size, shape and color!

Another score of late is this tall bamboo & lacquer plant stand.

I found this large vintage milagros at the same sale.

Milagros are small devotional charms that are generally composed of gold, silver, copper or brass

Love the shape of this vintage wicker basket!

A wonderful plaster ceiling medallion.

I'm considering putting it in my Dining Room.

Am I the only person who gets excited over a humongous ball of old rubber bands?
I found the awesome old wire basket which provided the perfect container for my curious find!

I love this beautiful vintage statue of Jesus and his Mother Mary

I love how there is a place for a votive candle.

I have a weakness for ships and found this model of a Coast Guard Ship.

I'm completely smitten with this set of 10 silver plate spoons and their unusually large Fleur de Lys motif.  On the backside of each spoon are a set of engraved initials.  I think they are probably European.

Just today I found this cool vintage camera at my favorite consignment store.

I have no idea of it's age but it still has the original instructions!

Happy Hunting this weekend!!!!


Silvia C said...

The ceiling medallion and the magazine holder are my favorites. How fun are those pieces!? Love them. Good finds!

Holly said...

haven't seen many milagros around.. i have a small collection and just love them!

Kathysue said...

Terri, my Oh1 My you have really been treasure hunting and it looks as if you have hit pay-dirt. So many wonderful and unusual finds. I don't know what a milagros is but that really caught my eye, love the plant stand and only you could make a ball of rubberbands look like something we should all have. you have the eye my dear, that is for sure. It sounds like you are up and running so that is good, glad you are feeling better take care xoxo Kathysue

Beach House Living said...

Fab Milagros; it must be late I thought I saw 2 R's on it. I like the medallion too. Had to buy another ship did you?

Karena said...

What great finds, you are expert at focusing in on what is really special!

Art by Karena

Kat said...

You found some wonderful things. I love the ceiling medallion, and the milagros is beautiful.But my favorite are those silver spoons, just gorgeous! Kathy

A Perfect Gray said...

the plant stands are both great but what gets my heart are the milagros and the Jesus and Mary piece. Both favorites of mine. See, we could be sisters...!

Unknown said...

You have such a great eye for treasures. The Dolphin brooch is amazing, love how you styled that photo. Really just loved seeing all your finds, each and every one is so unique and cool! Thanks.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

What a terrific collection of finds. All so unique with that je ne se quoi value. Gret eye, girl...great eye. I'd go out treasure hunting with you anyday!

Anonymous said... have a beautiful eye...among other Chris.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

You found the neatest treasures. I love them all, but I think the ceiling medallion is my favorite and the magazine basket. All are wonderful. Hugs, Marty

kathi @ traybella said...

be still my heart! that medallion would look beautiful in a dining!
great finds!

lisa golightly said...

You have been a busy girl !!! You really know how to hunt ! Love the butterflies in the cubes and yes, I love big giant rubber band balls too !!!

Lindsay said...

Great scores! Isn't it such an adrenaline rush when you find a hidden treasure?! I've found the best things in AL/GA, can't wait to share. xx

Cashon&Co said...

You have defintely got the eye. I want to shop with you! you find the best things. And they all look gorgeous in your home. GREAT TASTE FRIEND!!! :)

preppyplayer said...

The spoons are amazing, I love how fat the fleurs de lys are. Very unique.

Hamptontoes said...

Love the dolphin broach. I'd love to have that plant stand in a room with a fern cascading down it...that would be beautiful! Good little treasures!

Punctuation Mark said...

My fave is that amazing magazine basket... have a lovely weekend!

Marija said...

You have such an eye! LOVE the brass magazine caddy. So chic! Marija

La Dolfina said...

Thank you everyone!!!!

Unknown said...

You have such a talent for finding the most fascinating things! I love stopping here to catch up, I know I'll always fall in love with something. The classic brass magazine holder from Breuners is AMAZING!

Tuuli - Lumo Lifestyle said...

My favorites are statue of Jesus and Mother Mary, spoons, milagrio and flower stand.

Will you sell or keep these?

Erica Cook said...

Fantastic stuff Therese! Hope your having the loveliest of weekends! xoxo e

FrenchBlue said...

Great stuff girlfriend!! I found a console table with feather plumes as for the legs! So fun to find those hidden treasures~~~

Trouvais said...

Hi Therese! You know that ceiling medallion would be great as wall art, or propped on an easel. Gorgeous. I'm still so wowed by the chairs you got off the street the other day! Trish

La Dolfina said...

Hi Lumo!!!
I will sell them :)
I'm going to be re-vamping my etsy.
Please email me if you or anyone else is interested in anything you see on my blog :)
Thanks for asking!!!!

Unknown said...

Now those are amazing finds! How fabulous are those butterflys? Gorgeous.. now I hope you were able to get a little sleep this weekend :) xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey!
I am in love with that white plant stand!!! you found such amazing things!!!!! we can't wait to see you this Thursday! xoxoxo

French-Kissed said...

You do find the most amazing things...what an eye...I find my self wanting almost everything you pick. ~jermaine~

Jules said...

I am so jealous of it all....well maybe...maybe not of the rubber band ball...but then again...maybe it looks quite good in the wire basket so I think I will be jealous of that too!!!!!

Scarlett Fiona Reed said...

omg the milagro, the rubber bands, ceiling medallion, it's all good!