Monday, February 1, 2010

RON MORGAN Spring 2010 Classes

  You know Spring is around the corner when LOOT's  postcard arrives in the mail announcing RON MORGAN's Spring 2010 Classes are scheduled to begin later this month!


The first class will be on Monday, Feb. 22nd

and will continue through the months of March, April, and May

ending with the last one on Monday, June 7th.


All classes begin promptly at 10am


Be sure to arrive by 9:30 to grab a cup of coffee and get a good seat!

  Ron's talent is trans-formative and will forever change the way you approach the art of flower arrangement.  One thing I can promise you is a morning full of beauty, wonder and entertainment that you soon won't forget!!

Spring 2010

Class Fee:  $25

Monday,  February 22nd
Monday,  March 15th
Monday,  March  29th
Monday,  April 12th
Monday,  April 26th
Monday,  May 10th
Monday,  May 24th
Monday,  June 7th



Kathysue said...

Ooooh Terri I am going to have to think about this, Ron is so talented and such a funny guy, I can only imagine it would make for a very fun class. Kathysue

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

These are exquisite and very, very creative. I mean really creative. Beautiful and so inspiring and why do I have to live on the other side of the North America?I would so be there! XO

Beach House Living said...

Beautiful. Hope to see your creations.

Simple Daisy said...

Sonds like fun:)

Kathysue said...

Terri, You won!! You won!! go to Gift wrapped Life. OMG your house is going to smell amazing, I will just have to come over and vicariously sniff,hehe. xo Kathysue

Cashon&Co said...

hmmmmmm...... my brain is churning thinking of how I could fly down there for the day, take the class & write it off as a business expense?! I could, right? That sounds so fun. Those pictures kill me, they are gorgeous. The pods and the shell collar? if you do it, you HAVE to do pics of your creations

red ticking said...

wish i could be there... sounds incredible.. x pam

Rebecca June | Sea Island Drive said...

I am in AWE. I have never seen anything like this.


Rebecca June

Lumo said...

Sounds and looks like an intresting class, pls post pictures of your creations.