Saturday, February 6, 2010

Glass Treasures

Before man learned the secret of glassmaking, nature was the world’s only glassmaker.

 Glass is a substance formed in nature which lies at the heart of my fascination with it. 
"When the basic ingredients of sand and minerals are heated to a high temperature and then cooled, a transparent, non- crystalline material called glass is created.  This is a common occurrence in nature, where lightening or meteor strikes provide the heat that melts sand and sedimentary rock, forming glass".

Here is a collection of some of my treasured objects made from glass...

I recently came across this vintage glass decanter that was hand-blown and divided into 4 sections.  Each of the 4 sections is hand engraved with Whiskey, Brandy, Rum and Gin.  There is also a beautiful monogram which makes me think it might have been a wedding gift.


I am enamored with the color of this pair of blue bottles, and can never resist any bottle wrapped in wicker!


I bought this lovely tall glass cloche at The Alameda Pointe last weekend


I thought this was perfect for holding tiny treasures from the sea.


A pair of fabulous old bottles from a vintage bar.
I'm thinking of soldering some shells on top!


A glass dome to house a small vintage white tole potted  flower.


I'm always finding small treasures, or rather they find me!
My husband laughed when I brought home this pair of  miniature glass Crown Royale bottles.


A dear friend gave me this pair of amazing french candelabras that once belonged to her mother.


Some of my beach glass


A gorgeous opaque glass egg with bronze fittings that Kellie at Cashon & Co. recently purchased from me.  It was so hard to let go of... but I'm happy knowing she has it now!

I adore this glass ashtray which has this amazing mermaid etched from underneath.  It reminds me of Lalique.


I scored this large cache of wicker wrapped bottles a few months ago...  I couldn't believe my good fortune!

A large wicker wrapped glass jug from Italy which once held wine.


Some wonderful hand-blown glass bits


My heart raced when I came across this unique bottle.


Some vintage glasses from the 50's I believe.  I just love the color and design.


A funky vintage glass container that I served jam in before I gave it to a lovely friend.


A vintage tiara


A vintage light fixture with beautiful opaque swirled glass and brass fittings that is currently available in my etsy shop because I can't find a place for it.


A  very large glass beaker


Some treasured Japanese glass floats


A close-up of one of the blue bottles with it's wonderful rusted top that fits inside like a cork.


Where I keep and display my beach glass


A lovely old wrought iron mirror

Black glass urn with several blue glass items


A milk glass swan with glass eyes


A tiny shot glass


A diminutive venetian glass dolphin


Pair of black glass urns 



I found a pair of vintage rhinestone dog collars that fit my dalmations perfectly!


 Milk glass dolphin candlesticks with a tiny birds nest.
In the background, a wonderful old brass candelabra with mercury glass flowers.


A blue champagne glass from France holding one of my birds nests


A pair of vintage glass inkwells monogrammed with the letter C


One of four petite glasses with lovely silver detail


A translucent pair of blue glasses from France

A collection of laboratory beakers

I'd love to know what some of your favorite glass treasures are?


Amanda said...

Thank you for the pic comment!!! I love that tiara bust combo. It's to die.

Kathysue said...

Ooooh! Ooooh!Ooooh! Terri, I love these picts of all of your wonderful glass pieces. I did some virtual shopping. How fun. Each and every piece is so special. You know how fascinated I am with beach glass,it is so cool that we are kindred spirits in so many wonderful ways. The black urns are to die for. So many lovlies for such a lovely and loving friend,xo Kathysue

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You find the most gorgeous of items. They really do follow you home I think! I adore everything but sure fancy those 50's turquoise glasses. How you store & show-off your beach glass is so clever and beautiful, you've got a great eye Therese. Hope your having a fun-filled weekend x

FrenchBlue said...

I can't believe or I should I say, I knew our beach glass collections would look exactly the SAME! I adore your finds and Have fun tomorrow at Alameda!
Big hugs and be warm!

Tuuli - Lumo Lifestyle said...

What great treasures you have! I especially like the ass cloche and the tiara.

I have a collection of old farmacy bottles and jars bought from the closing auction of one of the oldest pharmacies in Helsinki and somebought abroad or given by my mother in law.

Holly said...

LOVE your items, and where did you every find that incredible tole flower pot? Fabulous. The French glasses in that remarkable blue are crazy beautiful as well. Also, thanks so much for your kind words for my Bailey. They meant so much to me. Happy to report she's doing much better, and hoping to have her back home in a few days.

Beach House Living said...

All beautiful as always. Aqua, powder blue, frosted,lab glass, glass crystals, bottles pearlized by time...Love the blue glasses,bowl of treasures and the mermaid of course. From my own collection a vintage Lalique perfume bottle and rhinestone tiara.
Let me know how that soldering works out. Just purchased antique and vintage bottles with that plan in mind. Cleaning out the muck is the first challenge.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I wasn't sure if I was reading your post or Janets (boy do you two have alot in common!). I never thought of glass as you have so aptly put it (natures) and I like thinking of it that way. Does crystal count? I adore a petite round Waterford vase my friend gave me years stem and it is perfect.

Beth Connolly said...

It's fascinating how different people gravitate to different things. I don't care for glass, crystal, or silver. My passions are porcelain and fabric. But that being said, your treasures are gorgeous.

savvycityfarmer said...

I'm ga-ga for glass ... I just found the most beautiful apothecary witha dome lid and graound glass lid.

It's beautiful here!

Mélanie A. said...

I do love your beautiful treasures ... Unbelievable and with the candelabras , your friends gave you a beautiful present

A Perfect Gray said...

jealous! especially of the wicker covered bottles. glad to see you share my love of these!

France Guérin said...

You have a wonderful treasures under your fingers!
Very Nice Milk glass!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Those wicker bottles are a great score!

The Memoirs of Anastasia said...

I too love anything glass or wicker. I think my favorite of your treasures is the set of vintage beautiful!

Pauline Wiles said...

You have an incredible collection. My favorite are the blue bottles.

Amy said...

How beautiful! My husband and I have collected beach glass since we first started dating and actually had our wedding guests sign a Beach Glass book instead of a guest book at our wedding. Thanks for making me smile today with this post! Such great treasures! *Amy