Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The first Alameda Pointe Antiques and Collectibles Fair of the New Year

What started out as a foggy and cold early morning at the first Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Fair of 2010, turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous Spring like day!

For the first time ever, I met Steven there and we walked the market together.

It was a treat to see what he was attracted to and why...

He loved the play of shadows...

He seemed drawn to the offbeat...

...as well as the antique

I think he has a thing for dolls...
his wife is named "Dolly" (she let me have Steve all to myself this month)

We had such a lovely day together, just strolling and chatting...

...mostly about life and philosophy.

Every so often, he would stop when he set his sights upon something that drew him in.
He would approach the vendor and ever so politely ask if they would mind if he took a photo.

They were most flattered and accommodating.

Both of us have met many wonderful dealers over the many years we've been coming to The Point.

Meet the ever fabulous, Ron Morgan.
I blogged about his uber fabulous shop, LOOT, last month.

Clinton and his wife, from Brown Dog Cottage, always turn up with the most interesting vintage treasures. They hail from the Roseville area, near Sacramento, and always have the space next to their pals, the Tattered Girls. I never miss their fabulous offerings!
This month, Clinton made these wonderful planters from old tires. Aren't they great?

A random drawing on the concrete.

More dolls...what can I say

This one's for you, Erin!
House of Turquoise

OOOH...a cup of Hot Chocolate would have hit the spot about now!

The beautiful Belinda'a space...
She, along with her husband and, can I say, adorable daughter Angelique, offer the most amazing treasures, many found at fabulous estate sales in Carmel.

Here she is modeling the crown of crowns!
I forced her to show me how it looked on her. She very relunctantly acquiesced.
Doesn't she look gorgeous? I can't imagine anyone better suited for it than her!
I told her she should wear it in a family Christmas photo next year!

I think this was the best shadow of the day!

When I caught sight of this space, my heart rate rapidly increased!
Turns out, Erica Robles, Consignment Coordinator, for "I Want That Bag" located on Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles made an appearance at The Point for the first time and really wowed the crowd with her unbelievable cache of fabulous vintage handbags and luggage.

Another one of Clinton's tire planters...my favorite one!
Hats off to Clinton for creating such a fabulous re-purposed treasure!

My patron saint, St. Therese of Lisieux.

Thank you Steven for a fun and fabulous day!
Stay tuned for my next post where I'll reveal the treasures that came home with me!


Daisy's Mercantile said...

Blew my wad on 8 of the most beautiful rolls of wall paper ever and a bag of silver trinkets to turn into lots of fun jewelry. Also found some great linens in the $5 bin thanks to Eddie!

Heard you went earlier than usual. I would have looked for you. Take care and I will see you when I get back.

Kat said...

What an extraordinary collection of treasures! I imagine you could spend days here. A carousel horse! How fun would that be in a (really big) nursery. Thanks for the virtual trip, can't wait to see what you brought home. I'm guessing the aqua glass candlesticks and the blue glass "jug". Or perhaps I'm just projecting lol. Kathy

annechovie said...

I feel like I was there with you! Thanks so much for your visit and supportive comment - hope you will visit often. Happy New Year!

Beach House Living said...

Dreaming of California on this cold East coast day. What a lovely photo journal of so many wonderful things. It it must be so hard to choose.

La Dolfina said...

Rita...wish you could have joined me! You are so right about it being hard to choose which treasure you want to claim as your own!
I also usually suffer a small amount of buyer's remorse because I get caught up in the moment and don't exercise the proper amount of self-discipline!

Kitty said...

OMG! Best sale ever! Your photos are so crisp and fantastic! Can't wait to see what you chose! California dreaming as always, Kitty.

FrenchBlue said...

Thanks for all these great treasure find photos!! It feels like I just got to walk the point with you talking life and philosophy! Love it!


Reichel Broussard said...

Hi Terri! Sarah & I were there on Sunday too, sorry we didn't run into you! (We met you at Daisy's with Eddie & Jaithan) We definitely want to go to the White Elephant Sale later this month. Are you still up for it? :D

koralee said...

Wow..what a day you had...thank you for the tour. I did see so many lovely things I want myself. Such a treasure chest. You are lucky to have such a friend but I think he is also lucky to have you. xoxox

Anonymous said...

Wow, I would have been starstruck if i had gone! All those different treasures. I live in Southern Oregon, so this is deffently something I need to go to even if it is a 5 hour drive I'm deffiantly going soon. Maybe I will see you there. Thanks for the inspiration

Cashon&Co said...

I felt like I was in heaven looking at all these photos. I am jealous that you got to spend the day there! It looks amazing! My favorites though are the R2D2 and the Louis Vuitton. You can never go wrong with either one of those. :)

Shorely Chic said...

What beautiful photography! and the bags!!!! I wish I was there - awesome post!

Kathysue said...

terri, I love this virtual shopping trip at the flea Market. You really took some wonderful picts of some amazing treasures. It is making me want to take another trip to Alameda. Great Post!! Kathysue

Anonymous said...


I missed you that day....but glad you had so much fun!!!!!



Unknown said...

great stuff, you took great photos...thanks for taking the photos of the religious artifacts...i like that you found your patron saint, how neat!

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love, Mom

JMay said...

Amazing collection, thanks for posting.

So cool to look through :-)

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

OMG!! What great photos! Not only did I miss Diane Keaton, I missed the luggage person, and those fabulous chairs!! Wow. Great post!

Clinton Watson said...

Therese, It was great seeing you at Alameda this month. Thank you for your support. Be Blissed.