Monday, January 18, 2010

Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge is ON

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I'm a big fan of Eddie Ross so I just had to follow as he and Jaithan began Day 1 of installation of Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge!

(image and text from EDDIE ROSS~click to enlarge)

"Here's the rendering that Jaithan did."

(image and text from EDDIE ROSS)

"Here you can see my design palette with the Hinson print in rich tonal blues, layered with vibrant pops of hot pink, turquoise, Hermes orange and gilded bronze."


"The view from the inside looking out"


"Spatter me Hinson Happy!!"


"Faux bois painted floors, the genius of the team at Bloomingdale's Visuals"


"Pedestals from David Duncan Antiques"

"Sconces from David Duncan"


"Happy Birthday, @ Shandells and Thank you Phillip Jeffries for the shade,
Buck House for the lamps!"

"No comment"


"Side chairs from my good friend Deborah at Buck House"


"Antique props for the bookcase"


"Checking accessories for safe arrival from David Duncan"


"Eddie and Michael, one of the Visuals Masters at Bloomingdale's"


"Let us shop, damn it!"


"A beautiful mess"


"Installing the chandelier"


"The view up Lex"


"Chandelier up"

"The design"


"Emergency pick-up of hot pink silk taffeta for flange on pillow...
Thank you Quadrille!"

"Working out the design...
Donna and David, co-owners of Chelsea Workroom who saved the day!!!!"

"Finally...lunch at David Burke"

Whew...the first half of Day 1 of installation!
Just a reminder that voting will happen both online and at the store via hand signals from passersby, beginning on Wednesday!

*All captions taken from Eddie Ross' Twitter


Cashon&Co said...

i am dying to see the results. so far, i love it.

Kathysue said...

Om Gosh Terri, I did not know how to follow twitter, I have to learn how, Does that sound dumb. this is great, I am so excited for Eddie and Jaithan this is great!! So glad you thought to do this for them. Hugs Kathysue

FrenchBlue said...

O M G! ! This window is going to win! It already looks amazing... Keep us posted please!