Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bloomies Big Window Challenge...End of Day 2 of installation

Lots of action this afternoon...thought I'd post these tweets from E & J!
I don't know how long they will be going...
...hopefully not too far into the night!


"Racing through Union Square back to Bloomingdale's.  Will the signage be done and the left wall finished so we can finish?"


"Sugar fix for the long afternoon ahead...sour cherries...my favorite"


"Ed from Bloomingdale's styling Maxwell's window"


Bloomingdale's still working on signage...holding me back!!"


"Pulling up paper to reveal the faux bois painted floor"


"Borrowing fantastic brass drum stool from John Salibello"


"Murano glass frames from the 60's..."


"Well the wall was closed...now it's being opened again to fix something!  Ugh..."


"Fixing the TV display...then sealing Cleopatra's tomb!"


"Eddie and crazy Michael from @bloomingdale's"


"In go the cherry blossoms"


"The mix of pillows..."


"A work in progress..."


"A candelabra from Buck House with hot pink tapers from Creative Candles"


"The @bloomingdale's windows team helping us prop.  Remove jackets on books for a richer look!"


"In the windows, this month's ELLE DECOR"

"Gotta love a good fake"

"Neurotic much?"




 "End in sight...thank god"


Beach House Living said...

Those 60's frames are a fun find.

Kathysue said...

Terri, they must be exhausted. So much to do and deal with in such a short time. If anyone can do it they can. Thanks for all the great post I have had fun following them,Hugs Kathysue

Cashon&Co said...

The Murano Glass Frames & Cherry Blossoms are speakin my language.....I wish I could have both of those in my house STAT

FrenchBlue said...

Love those colors! This is so exciting!! THANKS for sharing it all with us! I can't wait to see more!!

cjsullivan133 said...

Thanks for taking us to N.Y. City- love the blue floor and the speckeled wall. mmmmm cherry candies and cherry blossoms. Yummy..

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

All of these pictures are great...I feel like I was part of it! Now I want a sugar fix. xx