Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Loot

Maybe it's my imagination but it seems like people are really looking forward to Christmas. All around town I saw people out decorating, shopping, and just looking happy. The best thing about this time of year for me is the Christmas spirit!!! People seem more connected to each other and willing to share the love. It's truly magical!!

I also love to be inspired...
I used to wait anxiously for the December issues of my favorite magazines to come out but this year with the discovery of so many amazing blogs, there is no end to the inspiration. It comes on a daily basis!!!

Of course there are always a couple of fabulous shops where you can get up close and personal with the Christmas Eye Candy.

Here are 2 of my favorites...


Ron Morgan is the creative genius behind this fabulous shop.
He's a rock star in the world of flower arranging. He's written several books on table settings and flower arrangements and they are like nothing you've ever me on this!
( I'll do a more in depth post on him soon...I promise!)



Barbara Mooney is the talented and delightful soul behind
this wonderful little shop.
She constantly amazes me with her ever evolving treasure trove of delights.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alameda Point Antiques & Collectibles Faire

The first Sunday of each month my husband and I eagerly look forward to The Alameda Point Antiques & Collectibles Faire. We are fortunate to live in Alameda so it's convenient for us.
It takes place at the old Naval Air Station situated on the bay across from San Francisco. It's a beautiful location and provides the perfect back drop for the many dealers, who come from near and far, to display and sell their treasure troves!

I'd like to take you with me through the camera lens of a very talented photographer and friend of mine, Steven Small. He's been photo journaling the wonder of this amazing Antiques Faire by the Bay since 2001.

Next month, on Sunday Dec. 6th, EDDIE ROSS & Jaithan will be touring a group through The Alameda Point showing them how to find and choose the best china, linens, glassware and silver. He's the King of Fabulous when it comes to beautiful table settings and seasonal inspiration!! I'm all signed up and counting the days until their arrival!!

Photos courtesy of Steven Small

And now let me introduce you to my friend, Steven Small, a man of many talents.
He is a lawyer by profession who has a passionate need to express his creative side.
I've inspired him to start a blog and maybe even an etsy store where we'll be able to purchase his amazing photography!
For now, you can look forward to a visual delight each month through the lens of his camera on 1st Sunday's at The Alameda Point.