Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Salvage Yard...where one man's trash is destined to become another man's treasure

There's nothing more wondrous than a trip to the salvage yard. The anticipation of spending an hour or so getting lost in a sea of junk really gets my creative juices flowing!

As I make my way past rows and rows of windows & doors, tubs & toilets, stacks of lumber, marble, tile & bricks I arrive at the entrance where I'm hoping to discover my next big find!

Once inside, I begin my usual routine of taking a couple of laps around the place scanning for anything new and interesting.

My mom, my partner in crime.

It's La Dolfina!

Rudy, a fellow junker, scored Merv Griffin's old vest.

Wait! What's this? Upon closer inspection I discover a fabulous vintage drafting table. The base has a beautiful limed oak finish which glowed with the patina of age and killer black cast iron fittings. I was smitten!

I couldn't wait to get it home and clean it up. I waxed the mellowed oak base and scrubbed years of dirt off the desk top. I'm still not sure what material the top is made of but it has the look of vintage pigskin...again more great patina! I placed a few props on it and took these photos.

Voila... The most amazing vintage draftsman table I have ever seen!

A few days later while perusing the new, and greatly improved, Restoration Hardware catalog I came across this...

Can it get any better?


Kathysue said...

What a great find, the stool is the perfect addition,You have a great eye for wonderful treasures, I need to hang out with you!! Kathysue

Shorely Chic said...

Where is that amazing store?!?!